[arch-proaudio] Linuxsampler/Gigedit broken?

Mark Raynsford list+org.archlinux.proaudio at io7m.com
Mon Feb 19 19:55:44 UTC 2018

On 2018-02-19T17:59:23 +0100
David Runge <dave at sleepmap.de> wrote:
> >   
> I've packaged the recent versions and can have a look at it the coming
> days.
> Currently onto some other things.
> If you find out about anything, please post to the mailing list!
> Best,
> David


It seems that for whatever reason, libgigeditlinuxsamplerplugin.so
isn't present in the Arch gigedit package. If I grab the latest stable
sources of gigedit from linuxsampler.org and compile them on a machine
that already has linuxsampler installed, the compilation produces a
libgigeditlinuxsamplerplugin.so lib that gets installed into
linuxsampler's plugin directory. qsampler (and jsampler) are then able
to start up gigedit properly.

I think it could be that gigedit checks to see if there's a known
linuxsampler plugin directory during the compilation, and this
directory might not be present during package builds:

$ ./configure
checking for g++... g++
checking whether the C++ compiler works... yes
checking for C++ compiler default output file name... a.out
checking for LINUXSAMPLER... yes
Found linuxsampler 2.1.0
Retrieving LinuxSampler's plugin dir... /usr/lib/linuxsampler/plugins 
Relative plugin dir: ${libdir}/linuxsampler/plugins

I imagine if that directory isn't present, the plugin might not be

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