[arch-proaudio] Dropping dead project: lash

David Runge dave at sleepmap.de
Fri Jun 15 08:06:42 UTC 2018

On June 15, 2018 9:44:25 AM GMT+02:00, bill-auger <bill-auger at peers.community> wrote:
>parabola has the following 3 dependents of 'lash':
>'fluidsynth' and 'zynaddsubfx' are coming from arch [community] - have
>have been modified to no longer depend on 'lash' ?
>is there any guide or advice for rescuing these from the trash heap of


yes, fluidsynth and zynaddsubfx have been rebuilt without lash support (hydrogen was yet another).

azr3-jack I don't know about.
If you need lash, you'll need to fix it in the AUR. I got tired of doing this for long-undead stuff.
I really hope I can deprecate a2jmidid in the not too distant future as well, as it's yet another one...


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