[arch-proaudio] New package for tunefish synth VST plugin

SpotlightKid aur at chrisarndt.de
Thu Mar 29 21:19:24 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I just pushed two new AUR packages (release and git version) for
*tunefish4*, an additive wavetable-based synthesizer in VST format.



Previously only the project's binary release was packaged, but this
version stopped working some time ago and I requested deletion of that

The new packages still have "4" in the name, because Tunefish exists in
different incarnations - Tunefish 2, 3 and 4 - and "tunefish4" is used
in several places/paths in the source code. But version 2 is Windows
only and, AFAICS, there's no source code available for version 3, so I'm
not sure, whether the package shouldn't be simply called "tunefish".
What do you think?

Share & Enjoy,


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