[arch-proaudio] Aeolus in text mode segfaulting

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Oct 3 19:55:25 UTC 2019

ok i mistook the situation - on first sight, this looked like
the all too common sort of plea to: "please someone help _me_ to
fix _my_ problem"; where in most cases, the root of the problem
would affect anyone trying to accomplish the same task on the
same distro - whereby, my usual inclination is to encourage
people to become more involved with their distro, and the
process of bug reporting, triage, and fixing; because that is
the best way to improve the software and distro experience for
everyone, while minimizing redundant efforts - i see now that
you have the right idea already; so my rant was unnecessary -
good work, fellow bug hunter :)

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