[arch-projects] Arch Forums review

Rasatmakananda rasat at pacific.net.sg
Fri Apr 8 03:56:03 EDT 2005

Thu Apr 07, 2005 - dp in Arch Linux Forums wrote:

> update:
> it seems that the atmosphäre calmed down a little ... and i see new
> appear in the forums.
> change is always a good sign while under pressure growing.


I think the Forum calmed a quite a lot with the help of what took place
when devs leaving, hues & cries, and posting of "what's happening"
topics. It was for the good. Moreover, bound to happened. The growth was
too smooth and no "struggle" for learning as a community. The problem in
such situation, when active users move away, it creates a vacuum. If
this vacuum is not filled in short time, creates more confusion and
disorder, and will be difficult to restore.

I am glad some of the active users came forward to help...
(1) made an awareness of the situation and gave solution:
Topic: "Old-timers retiring? An objective analysis"
Topic: "Old Timers retiring please help!"

(2) new forum guidelines ("FAQ" and "Forum Etiquette") by cactus.
(3) more moderators, forum advisers, and new "ArchLinux Forum Moderation
(4) return of dp... reflecting the new environment and devs will come

These were nothing special. But when major problems happen, users want
to see something is done. Not only verbally but also physically. Now
when seeing the Forum site, at first sight, there is a change. Maybe too
early to say when browsing the posts, they are as what should be. And no
access usage in Off-topic.

For information, it was necessary to remove posts from Off-Topic. Some
users blamed it was source of the problems... encouraging power-posting
(increase of post count), trolling, spamming, rough language and insult.

To conclude this short review, I ask developers and package managers who
decided to keep away from the Forum, to come back home (smile). There is
noting as perfect, but lets hope the new  Forum Etiquette will keep
everyone happy. Its locked and only authorized persons can edit.

The FAQ is also more or less ready.

If anyone needs a "celebrity" protection, contact the ArchLinux Forum
Moderation Team. :wink:


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