[arch-projects] Number Munchers

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 23:04:53 EDT 2005

Here again, it lies with me to try to keep this poor list alive. I
don't know if you guys just stop doing projects or what. ;-)

I've been experimenting with Blender, Soya, and Python. I'm not very
good with any of them, though the latter two are pretty much
brainless. To try and improve my skills, I've decided to write a small
3D version of Number Munchers. I don't aim to make it a complete
emulation or anything, just something to get used to the 3D
programming a la Python (ie: no TransformGroups or vecmath package).

Problem is, I don't remember much about Number Munchers. I was
wondering if I could feed off your collective memories -- we seem to
be approximately the age group that grew up on Apple IIe... god how
time flies.

Some of the things I'd like to sort of remember is the sort of levels
that were available. All I remember is 'factors of 2' and 'multiples
of 2'. I also don't remember much about the trogs (I *think* that's
what the bad guys were called)... they each had distinct names and
behaviors, I think. I think that the higher you went, the harder the
levels became (factors of 8), the more advanced the trogs' tracking
systems were, and the more trogs there might be on the screen at one
time. I just don't remember details.

My first aim will be to get a purple 8x8 grid (was it 8x8 or 10x10?)
and a 3D green boxy character that will walk around on it. The camera
will follow the character, at about 45 or maybe 60 degrees above the
playing surface so that most of it can be seen at once.

After that, I want to get the level generation code working, so that
numbers show up and the guy (any idea what his name was? muncher?) has
to walk around eating the correct ones.

Next, I'll try to get the trog characters animated.

That'll be it. Nice simple three-milestone release. I may never get to
it, since I'm supposedly taking the month of August off from
computers. :-D

Any ideas? Anybody remember this game?

Damn, next thing you know I'll be doing 3D oregon trail...


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