[arch-projects] Ensmer and EnsmerMail

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 19:12:00 EST 2005

Ok, So I was serious about the Java God thing...

I just released Ensmer and EnsmerMail. I'm sure most of you have heard
of it, I linked it here:


with a PKGBUILD.

Its a 3D interface that I want to take out the entire window manager
scene with (sorry Phrakture mwahaha). No, seriously, its an experiment
in three dimensional interactions to see if virtual reality can be
used for normal apps and not just games. It can. I'd love to see some
discussion on this project, I've put about 8 months into it and don't
know of anybody having tested it. :-D

EnsmerMail is, of course, 3D e-mail inside of Ensmer. Its pretty cool,
IMHO, but needs work. Maybe when I get around to releasing 0.2 it will
actually be useable! For now its just something to play with for those
of us who have an ISP e-mail account that we never use because we
expect to be changing ISPs on a regular basis. Or something like that.
It can connect to pop and smtp on yahoo too if you want to play with
it. ;-)

On a more personal note, completing this project puts me in a position
where I can call myself "graduated".  Soon I will have a BSc in
Computing and Information Systems. How very droll.


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