[arch-projects] c coding assiatance

z4ziggy z4ziggy at user-contributions.org
Thu Mar 17 15:27:37 EST 2005

any c coder out there willing to contribute some c coding to Archie project, 
here is what currently is needed, hope to find someone intrested :

syslinux advanced menus are part of the syslinux tarball. they provide textual 
"dialog like" menus for building the boot cmdline without manually typing 
long cmdlines. problem is, they dont support long menus thus menus with more 
than screen height will get scrambled. only solutions are to cut menus into 
several sub menus, or - patch the menus system to allow scrolling and 
"height" limit to the menus.

this is currently on my todo list, but unless someone will do this instead, it 
will remain there for the next month or so... so i would appreciate any 

tnx in advance,
Elia Yehuda,
aka z4ziggy

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