[arch-projects] Two small projects

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 16:53:33 EST 2005

> > just one specific xterm or screen session. I think I'll stick with my
> You do realize that a screen session can span multiple xterms, right?

yes and no... I knew that, but I forgot. ;-)

I might try it later, when I get bored... for now, I've got it doing
everything the way I originally planned. Almost. I ended up having to
use alias cdb='cd $(cat $HOME/.currentbuffer)' instead of trying to
set an envar, because I found out if I put B='$(cat
$HOME/.currentbuffer) in ~/.bashrc and then ran cd $B, it wouldn't
work if the contents of .currentbuffer were changed, because the
command is expanded at the time .bashrc is sourced. I don't know of
any way to get around this without using an alias. I thought of using
single quotes around the variable declaration, but then I end up
having to use eval in the shell... cdb is less work to type than cd $B
anyway. :-P

Later I'll play with screen. But this is enough coding for today...
tomorrow I'm going to do the weather thing in groovy and SwingBuilder.
Fun times fun times. Anybody try Ensmer? anybody got a $200 000 a year
job lined up for an easily bored Java programmer?


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