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Martin Lefebvre dadexter at gmail.com
Fri May 20 17:32:31 EDT 2005

I'm thinking about going back to trying to learn C++ instead because of
that... what should I do? :P

I'm a poor little python guy, but python isn't going to get me anywhere on
the job market (well, except some unrelated help desk job... but I'm
already there)

>  From what I have heard, it is a pain. Because freebsd isn't one of the
> "download and go" platforms for java, and there are some issues with
> recompiling the source on freebsd, *I think*. Not positive though, but I
> remember reading something about silliness of java on freebsd.
> Good luck.
> ps. Java is slow and ugly. :P
> Martin Lefebvre wrote:
>> I moved to freebsd recently because Linux (any distro/version) runs like
>> crap on my abit BP6
>> constant APIC errors in syslog, and random freezes...
>> hated it... freebsd seemed like my only option at that point... and runs
>> fine...
>> I'll figure out the BSD java stuff, was just hoping maybe someone had
>> java/freebsd experience :/
>>>On 5/20/05, Martin Lefebvre <dadexter at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>I'm trying to learn java... but the install on freebsd is kinda tedious
>>>>for a lazy person like me :/
>>>Means you're using the wrong os.... 'pacman -Sy j2re'
>>>If you're a lazy person, Arch is the distro for you...
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