[arch-projects] PkgData -- in what format?

Rasatmakananda rasat at pacific.net.sg
Mon Jun 26 00:52:23 EDT 2006


PkgData contains additional Arch package information with detail, type 
of application, and thumbnail. Currently has about 60% of all both 
current and extra. Each information is in separate file with package 
named + extension (dsc, app, or jpg).


Multimedia :: SoundAudio :: Players :: MP3

AlsaPlayer is a new PCM player written with the  ALSA sound system in 
mind. It also includes  support for JACK, OSS, NAS, and ESD. It makes 
extensive  use of multi-threading and supports OGG, MP3,  WAV, CDDA (CD 
Digital Audio), MOD, S3M, IT, and  many other input types. Features 
include a real- time effects stream, variable speed/pitch control, 
SHOUTcast/icecast streaming support, multiple active visual scopes, 
command line mode, playlists, plugin architecture, low-latency mode, and 

148x115 thumbnail

Originally from freshmeat.net

Pkgdata is for front-end package managers. Doesn't have a search engine 
by itself. The search is done in a front-end finding e.g. MP3" packages 
or "Video" within "multimedia" category (if abs tree is included). Or 
"Cryptography" or "IDE" within "devel" category.

Sample in PkgInfo (ruby front-end):

My question here, what would be most convenient format for the 
developers? The abs tree has information in one file and structured 
within directories. Is this most convenient or separate files as they 
are now, or other format?


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