[arch-projects] [AUR] More AUR Progress

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Mon Oct 22 13:45:32 EDT 2007

Wow, impressive work!

Hope to get to merging in the next two days. I'll look carefully at 
this, but my sense is that if we merge this, it might make sense 
pushing 1.5 out a little longer (so we have more test time) and 
getting all this in.

- P

tardo wrote:
> In between the wee hours of the night, a few us has been patching the 
> current AUR feverishly.. ok enough with the introductions, you know how 
> we do this =]
> For those interested, a very unhelpful log of changes:
> http://git.nagi-fanboi.net/?p=aur.git;a=shortlog;h=testing
> The major and minor changes:
> - [Almost] complete separation of code and markup
> - XHTML validation on all [almost] pages
> - CSS validation on all pages
> - Completely re-written packages.php, pkgfuncs.inc, new pkgdetails.php
> - packages.php now ONLY serves as a search page
> - pkgdetails.php is ONLY used for pkgdetails.
> -- pkgdetails accepts two paramters, ID for the db pkg id, and name, an 
> explicit way to search for a specific package
> -- e.g. aur/pkgdetails.php?ID=2501, or aur/pkgdetails.php?name=amarok-svn
> - pkgfuncs.inc has been heavily modified to include common functions 
> from both
> - Universal login and search boxes
> - Annoying timeout problem [partially] fixed... now it just drops you to 
> the home page without being logged in
> - Lots and lots of tiny bug fixes and cosmetic changes
> - My old (or new) pkgbuild parsing script still lives
> Here's a test site for the few, the chosen, the brave:
> http://aur.nagi-fanboi.net/
> I'd write more, but I'll let you guys give the feedback.
> - tardo
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