[arch-projects] AUR Development in Git

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sat Sep 22 07:56:33 EDT 2007

I've created a git tree for the release trunk of the AUR:


So far the current state of SVN is reflected there. Please clone away.
This is a good starting point for future development.

Branch plan:

* testing - I will pull from all interested developers into here
* master - x.y release tree; tested changes get merged into here
* stable - x.y.z release tree; necessary changes only

Once we have collectively tested things in my testing branch, I'll merge
acceptable ones into the master. I will also pull from SVN directly into
the master until (if ever) others stop using SVN.

At the moment, I think the interested developer set includes Eliott,
Loui, and Joerie, but others feel free to pipe up! Could you all clone
and send me the pull and browse URLs for your clones?

One more git fine point others may know more about than I: Can I pull
from the existing AUR repos you all have started, even though they are
not clones of mine? I think not, but wonder if there must be some way. I
tried to do this but it seemed not to work, but I only tried a few things.

Once I am comfortable enough with how everything is working with git,
I'll consider hosting this repo on gerolde. However, that seems a
formality anyway with git, since cloning replicates the entire repo--
everyone will have a copy of exactly what I have.

- P

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