[arch-projects] [AUR2] AUR2 and AUR2-BR integration

Xilon xilonmu at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 01:38:34 EDT 2007

Yesterday Thralas notified me that the AUR2-BR (
http://aur2.archlinux-br.org/ ) repo is available at
http://projetos.archlinux-br.org/thaur/ . They have done a lot of
work, and I mean a LOT... It may be very close to finishing. Having
skimmed over the code it looks like it's mostly just an AUR port to
Django, which is good, but it could be better.

Before we started developing AUR2 we were designing it for a couple of
days, and discussing the best options for X, Y and Z. I think the
current ERD ( http://ius.student.utwente.nl/aur/aur.png ) is very good
and suits most, if not all, of our needs. I'm still critically
thinking about that ERD and general design of AUR2 to make it flexible
and generally better than AUR. We have a few ideas that would make AUR
really awesome, like using an SCM backend, being able to edit
PKGBUILDs on the fly from AUR, etc.

I think we would achieve better results if we continued our work on
AUR2 and simply ported AUR2-BR code, while critically thinking about
each piece of code. This would result in a better design, more
flexibility, better/more efficient code and possibly less redundant if
we use/expand on namcap for PKGBUILD checking.

Now if I were Lincoln or Douglas I'd be pissed off for someone
suggesting this :P. So I'd like some discussion, especially from them.

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