[arch-projects] merging for 1.4.0

tardo at nagi-fanboi.net tardo at nagi-fanboi.net
Tue Sep 25 18:45:18 EDT 2007

> The merge window for 1.4.0 will close Friday, 9/28. After that, just
> regressions/bugfixes will be pulled. I may cherrypick one or two
> fixes and roll a 1.3.2 before then.
> I am working on merging masters from the following people into my
> testing branch:
> eliott (done)
> louipc
> tardo
> xilon
> It probably does make sense for folks to rebase off of the release
> repo at this point (http://git.mattal.com/aur), if they want their
> changes incorporated. There were substantial conflicts merging from
> everyone but eliott, and I am not sure how long it will take me to
> sort all of that out. If you want your stuff to get, please work on
> eliminating conflicts between your repos and mine; hopefully this
> will be a 1-time hassle and then we'll be into smooth sailing.
> I will generally do my merging work on the subzero checkout, and
> push things pack to the public repo when I've sanity checked them.
> The upshot of this-- you can use the subzero url to effectively
> monitor the state of my testing branch. As we get close to a stable
> release, I'll probably switch subzero over to the stable tree, but
> I'll announce that when it happens.
> https://subzero.elys.com
> - P

I think i fixed it on my end. Try pulling my master again and see if you
still get conflicts.

- tardo

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