[arch-projects] [tur-users] AUR repo migrated to projects.archlinux.org

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Wed Sep 26 17:28:25 EDT 2007

Loui wrote:
> I've a note of warning because I've run into this situation a few times before.
> When hosting a git repo via http you may have to
> `git-update-server-info` for people to pull/fetch the recent changes
> even if gitweb does show the changes.

I didn't know this but Eliott helped me out with this useful tip, so 
I'm sharing!

If you do:

    chmod u+x whatever.git/hooks/post-update

that should run update-server-info after you push changes to it for 
you... so you don't have to run it manually yourself each time.

- P

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