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nesl247 nesl247 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 14:42:31 EDT 2007

Here's a bug: pages other than index.php show $Id$ instead of Version: 1.4.0

Category and Name are squashed together (table header in
packages.php). Same for  	Votes Voted Description

On 9/29/07, Paul Mattal <paul at mattal.com> wrote:
> > Sorry it's just a giant list, I basically just copy/pasted out of my
> > chat with louipc on irc.
> Thanks for creating this list!
> I would like to request that folks test against the test site:
> https://subzero.elys.com
> I have merged the pending changes for 1.4.0 into the git master. You can
> look at the detailed change list at:
> http://projects.archlinux.org/git/?p=aur.git;a=shortlog;h=master
> Please let me know if you see anything broken or not working. I plan to
> release 1.4.0 either tomorrow or Monday!
> At this point, the only other things I will merge into master before the
> release are bigfixes or regressions to the current material. So send me
> a patch or a commit ID if you think there's a patch I should include
> before release.
> Thanks!
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