[arch-projects] Patch for version strings

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sun Sep 30 12:54:52 EDT 2007

tardo at nagi-fanboi.net wrote:
>> Here's a bug: pages other than index.php show $Id$ instead of Version:
>> 1.4.0
>> Category and Name are squashed together (table header in
>> packages.php). Same for  	Votes Voted Description
> Fix version strings.
> Now you should only have to change AUR_VERSION in web/lib/config.inc and
> updates will be reflected across the site. KISS ftw.
> http://git.nagi-fanboi.net/?p=aur.git;a=commitdiff;h=6ec55dc3523a2cc5789f6627b404cb1feb47f1a1

The problem with this fix is that config.inc is intentionally NOT
upgraded when we upgrade code, so it will fall to the user to have to
remember to upgrade the version string which is exactly what we don't want.

So maybe we could put the define in aur.inc instead, or someplace else
that always gets included? I think aur.inc is always included.

- P

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