[arch-projects] [initscripts][netcfg] deprecating advanced network functionality from initscripts

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Tue Apr 26 13:40:20 EDT 2011


Has there been a deciscion yet on the new netcfg maintainer?

Most of the open initscripts bugs have to do with our network
handling, and in my opinion most are outside the scope of initscripts.
I would like to solve this by explicitly not supporting more than the
most basic setups (if that), and suggesting people to move to netcfg,
networkmanager, wicd or something else. However, I'd like to
coordinate this with the netcfg maintainer(s), so we can make sure
that no one is left out in the cold by any changes we make.

Here are some suggestions of what we can do (by order of preference),
feedback appreciated:

1) Make sure netcfg support all the usecases that initscripts does,
add netcfg to base and remove all network support from initscripts;
2) Similarly, but keep support for one wired interface configured
statically (each supported option listed explicitly) or via dhcp (just
enough to support a rescue/install scenario); or
3) Something less extreme based on uscases that I have not thought of...



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