[arch-projects] [PATCH] shutdown: add a shutdown hook

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Jul 22 10:53:36 EDT 2011

Am 22.07.2011 15:31, schrieb Dave Reisner:
> How does busybox behave with the exec path as /proc/self/exe prior to
> /proc being mounted?

As soon as one applet wants to call another, busybox forks and re-execs
itself. This behaviour can also be enabled for shell commands, but this
is disabled in our config.

If /proc is not mounted and the path is set to /proc/self/exe, the
command will fail. The first command we execute is busybox --install -s,
which IIRC re-execs itself to run the 'ln' applet.

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