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Mon Jul 25 15:32:08 EDT 2011

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 tagged by  Tom Gundersen
        on  Mon Jul 25 21:32:01 2011 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Changes to rc.conf

The VERBOSE parameter no longer has an effect, use the kernel's loglevel= parameter instead. Most people probably wants to pass 'quiet' to the kernel.

If HARDWARECLOCK is empty we will read the value of UTC/LOCAL from hwclock's adjfile instead. To avoid
interacting with the hardwareclock set HARDWARECLOCK="IGNORE".

We now support (optionally) setting the broadcast address in the new network config.

Behavioral changes

We no longer silence errors thrown by udev. In particular, if udevadm --settle times out, we get an error message.

We no longer adjust the rtc on boot, as it is unreliable, we only make corrections for the timezone.

We no longer mount /run as noexec.

Misc changes

Cleaning up of /tmp and friends is now done by an external tool. This tool is intended to allow pac
kages to maintain {/var,}/run{/lock,} in the absense of rc scripts.

General refactoring which should make maintenance and writing custom hooks easier.

Andrwe Lord Weber (1):
      added get_pid() and ck_pidfile() (FS#18654)

Dave Reisner (16):
      rc.sysinit: kill off VERBOSE= parameter
      rc.sysinit: allow exec in /run
      rc.d/rc.sysinit: whitespace cleanup
      use $() instead of `` for command substitutions
      add PATH, strip absolute path from binaries
      remove absolute paths from daemons and rc.d
      rc.sysinit: honor blacklist, not load_modules
      network: support gateway-less network setup
      rc.sysinit: avoid use of regex match for USE* vars
      network: don't enforce check for netmask or gateway
      rc.shutdown: continuation of fe48fab2c2c35c
      network: always warn about deprecation for old funcs
      network: don't warn for deprecation with no settings
      arch-tmpfiles: add new script to handle volatile file control
      arch-tmpfiles: check args, warn on invalid entries
      arch-tmpfiles: add cmdline parameters

Eric Bélanger (3):
      Clean up ANSI codes from /var/log/boot
      Removed superfluous dollar sign
      Add logrotate config file to rotate /var/log/boot

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi (4):
      [initscripts] Avoid error message when switch runlevels.
      [initscripts] chmod dmesg.log based on value from dmesg_restrict
      Be consistent (with mkinitcpio) source naming of /run
      [initscripts] network: Add missing broadcast address

Jacob Okamoto (1):
      rc.d: clear text formatting after error

Kurt J. Bosch (68):
      Move fsck stuff into functions to allow custom overrides (FS#18736)
      Simplify fsck functions
      Allow custom fsck on shutdown via hook (FS#18736)
      Move mount -a into functions to allow custom override (fsck on loop)
      Fix hwclock comments
      Simplify timezone copying
      Simplify creating files by using /bin/install
      Simplify keyboard map loading by using loadkeys autodetection
      Simplify API filesystems mounting
      Some cosmetics
      Simplify rc.single udevadm stuff as in rc.sysinit
      Simplify unmounting filesystems
      rc.single: Avoid rc.multi syslog start error - use minilogd as in rc.sysinit
      Fix bootlogd not stopped when booting into runlevel '1'
      Simplify random seed file creation
      Some more cosmetics
      Simplify in_array function
      rc.sysinit/rc.single: Merge UDev stuff into a function
      rc.multi/rc.single: Merge duplicated bootlogd stop code into a function
      Get rid of simple if-constucts by using '&&'
      Simplify /etc/profile.d/locale.sh creation
      Fix whitespace
      functions: Fix indentation
      rc.sysinit: Fix writing to /dev/urandom
      rc.sysinit: Fix setting locale
      Fix '>|' not used allways when redirecting to files
      Fix local statements missing in ck_depends, ck_pidfile, do_unlock, kill_everything
      functions: Define $fsckret read-only because exposed to hook
      Add some comments
      functions: Simplify ck_depends() for statement
      functions: Simplify kill_everything() omit_pid handling
      Refactor to get rid of simple if-constucts
      rc.sysinit: Get rid of eval
      Move fsck executable check into fsck_all() for consistency
      Move activate_vgs and crypt stat_busy to the top for consistency
      functions: Make activate_vgs return 0 if noop for consistency
      Move export PATH into functions
      rc.sysinit: Refactor /etc/mtab symlink detection to avoid empty if clause
      rc.sysinit: Add status output for mtab and dmesg.log creation
      functions/rc.single: Clean up whitespace
      rc.sysinit: Fix stat_busy block indentation
      functions: Get rid of superfluous braces in udevd_modprobe()
      functions: Add missing quotes in mount_all()
      functions/rc.multi: Strip paths from binaries
      Refactor kill_everything, fsck_all and mount_all code
      rc.sysinit: Declare $FORCEFSCK read-only
      functions/rc.sysinit: Refactor fsck-redirection to prevent breakage
      rc.sysinit: Remove unneeded variables initializations
      functions: Make status() return the actual exit code
      functions: Speed up reboot/shutdown by recognizing killall5 exit code 2
      netfs: cleanup whitespace
      netfs: Strip paths from binaries
      netfs: Refactor to provide meaningful exit code
      functions/netfs: Refactor filesystem type lists and $NETFS
      rc.sysinit: Simplify /var/run/daemons workaround
      rc.single: Remove $PATH assignment
      rc.sysinit: fixup fsck refactoring
      functions: Use ck_autostart in stop_all_daemons()
      functions: Make in_array() non DAEMONS specific
      rc.sysinit: Fix /tmp/.* pattern
      functions/rc.sysinit: Refactor 'Removing Leftover Files' code
      rc.single: Call remove_leftover() when going single-user
      functions: Remove useless '$' within '(( ))'
      functions: Unify whitespace inside '(( ))'
      Fix/unify quoting
      functions: Cosmetics: Refactor usage of local daemon variables
      rc.sysinit: Move 'run_hook sysinit_start' after mount root read-only
      rc.shutdown: Move 'run_hook shutdown_start' after "Initiating Shutdown..."

Sebastien Luttringer (6):
      rc.d: Update usage
      rc.d: Add started/stopped option to list
      rc.d: Update bash and zsh completion scripts
      Ensure rc.d scripts are run as root
      Use _get_comp_words_by_ref in bash completion
      Remove usage of head in PKGBUILD

Tom Gundersen (20):
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'falconindy/working'
      udev: don't silence settle + trivial
      hwclock: allow TZ to be set in adjtime, only adjust for TZ during boot
      hwclock: refactor daemon
      udev: remove rule generation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'djgera/djgera'
      Merge branch 'snowman'
      hostname: echo to kernel directly
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'djgera/djgera'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'seblu/master'
      status: adjust number of columns after loading modules
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'falconindy/working'
      functions: warn if daemons are started recursively
      trivial: silence errors
      hwclock: use correct timezone
      hwclock: show status
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'seblu/master'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'seblu/master'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kujub/master'
      network: reword depracation message

derhoch (1):
      changing _rd.d to _rc_d to avoid:

jofko (1):
      Adding hook sysinit_postmount


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