[arch-projects] [mkinitcpio] root= syntax

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Thu Jun 2 15:14:42 EDT 2011

Hi Thomas,

I was having a look around mkinitcpio today, and I wondered if it
would make sense to add support for the same syntax that the kernel
supports for the root parameter.

It is described here:

In particular I was thinking of being able to do
"root=PARTUUID=00112233-4455-6677-8899-AABBCCDDEEFF", rather than

The current syntax works fine for me, but it would be nice to be able
to use the same syntax for my custom non-initrd kernels as for the
stock kernels.

Apologies if this is already possible, a quick git grep did not turn
up anything.



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