[arch-projects] hostname regression

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Jun 9 16:52:39 EDT 2011

Am 09.06.2011 22:06, schrieb Eric Bélanger:
> Also, inetutils also could provide a hostname and even an ifconfig
> binary. They are currently not included in the package as they are (or
> were) provided by other packages.  See the list of utilities that we
> could add in inetutils:
>     --disable-tftp --disable-tftpd \
>     --disable-ping --disable-ping6 \
>     --disable-logger --disable-syslogd \
>     --disable-inetd --disable-whois \
>     --disable-uucpd --disable-hostname \
>     --disable-ifconfig --disable-traceroute
> I don't know how they compare to the other versions of these tools
> provided by net-tools, coreutils, etc.  But they might be a good
> alternative.

Does it have netstat? With a proper netstat replacement, we could get
rid of net-tools.

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