[arch-projects] [netcfg] Prerelease package before 2.6 release

Rémy Oudompheng remy at archlinux.org
Sun Jun 12 03:14:57 EDT 2011


I have uploaded a premilinary netcfg package including the latest
changes. It does not correspond to a particular tag in the Git
repository (it's commit 1f5183b8).


I plan to produce version 2.6 after some polishing has been made.

* I can test static configuration
* I can test IPv4 wireless
* I remember wireless IPv6 worked previously, maybe due to
  autoconfiguration. I don't know if there are real people out in the
  world using DHCP for IPv6.

net-tools is now an optional dependency. It's only necessary if you want
to use the IFCFG option.


version 2.6
- add support for IPv6 configuration (FS#18699)
- add support for static routes configuration (FS#18700)
- add support for creating tun/tap interfaces (FS#15049)
- wireless: add support for explicit BSSID (FS#24582)
- wireless: add support for ad-hoc connections (FS#19683)
- use /run instead of /var/run
- drops dependency on net-tools package

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