[arch-projects] netcfg 2.6 release

Rémy Oudompheng remyoudompheng at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 17:23:45 EDT 2011


netcfg 2.6 has been released and pushed in [testing].

The following features has been added since the last release:
- add support for IPv6 configuration (FS#18699)
- add support for static routes configuration (FS#18700)
- add support for creating tun/tap interfaces (FS#15049)
- add configuration file /etc/conf.d/netcfg for net-auto-wireless
- add support for restricting automatic startup of profiles (FS#23169)
- bridge: add support for several brctl options (FS#16625)
- wireless: add support for explicit BSSID (FS#24582)
- wireless: add support for ad-hoc connections (FS#19683)
- wireless: no longer require wireless_tools to work
- use /run instead of /var/run
- drops hard dependency on net-tools package
- drops hard dependency on wireless_tools package

Most importantly:
- netcfg no longer puts no files in /run (dhcpcd still puts files there)
- netcfg only depends on iproute2 and dhcpcd : wpa_supplicant is
optional (required for wireless), wpa_actiond, ifplugd are required
for net-auto* scripts
- net-tools, wireless_tools are needed if you use legacy options
IFOPTS and IWCONFIG, but this is strongly discouraged
- /etc/conf.d/netcfg is a new configuration file, currently only used
by net-auto-wireless: it is used to configure the name of the wireless
interface you want to use (also possible in /etc/rc.conf, but
discouraged), and to configure a list of preferred networks you want
wpa_actiond to manage (FS#23169)
- IPv6 is supported: no address configuration (even
auto-configuration) will be done unless you say IP6=something in your
profile. See the examples to see how it works
- dhclient is needed if you want to support DHCPv6: this is expected
to be an uncommon case, since auto-configuration exists.
- netcfg can create tun/tap interfaces: it currently does not do
anything with these (FS#15049)


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