[arch-projects] [RFC] [PATCH] [mkinitcpio] Cleanly stop udev >= 168 as recommended by upstream.

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Mon May 2 10:21:30 EDT 2011

On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 04:17:15PM +0200, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Am 02.05.2011 15:55, schrieb Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi:
> > I just Asked to udev author:
> Looks like Dave beat you to it.

We both got valuable information though. Kay wasn't so specific about
the order when he explained it to me. I just happened to know where to
find him (lurking in #systemd). Now we just need udev 168 in testing.

Of course, someone will ask, so I'll raise it: are we going to support


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