[arch-projects] Released namcap 3.1

Rémy Oudompheng remyoudompheng at gmail.com
Sun May 8 11:58:27 EDT 2011

namcap 3.1 is released (in testing). It features the following :

- add checks for files in temp. folders in fhs rule (FS#23539)
- add rule javafiles detecting Java class/jar files (FS#23521)
- fix: parsepkgbuild executing arbitrary commands from PKGBUILD (FS#23902)
- fix: extravars not knowing about $epoch (FS#23966)
- fix: mimedesktop rule crashing on packages with symlinks (FS#23952)
- fix: bug in script interpreter detection
- uses pyalpm to access pacman database

pyalpm is introduced as an additional dependency. It allows to access
pacman database in a more correct way. The old python code had rot
with pacman 3.5 coming. Addition of pkgfile-like capabilities could be
studied in order to give more relevant results when not all
dependencies are currently installed.


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