[arch-projects] [initscripts][mkinitcpio][module-init-tools][udev] dropping load-modules.sh

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Tue May 24 15:35:37 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

I have been working on the remaining bits before we can drop our
load-modules.sh from udev.

I asked around on #udev to see what they thought of moving some of our
functionality upstream. Kay Sievers rightly pointed out that the
functionality belongs in module-init-tools, not in udev.

I made a few patches against module-init-tools which simplifies what
we have to do in initscripts/mkinitcpio, and I'd like to ask your
opinion about this before submitting upstream.

Kernel commandline blacklisting:

modprobe will parse /proc/kcmdline in addition to the configuration
files to blacklist modules. The syntax is

rc.conf blacklist compatibility:

This is only relevant for initscripts. modprobe will read
/run/modprobe.d in addition to /etc/modprobe.d for configuration
files, so at boot we can generate a blacklist file directly in /run
based on rc.conf. I'm still working on some improvements to this patch
that are needed before it can be upstreamed (if two files with the
same name exist in different directories one needs to be ignored), but
the functionality we care about is already there.

Any comments? Does this sound like enough to remove the blacklisting
logic provided by modules-load.sh?

For an idea of what initscripts will do at boot once this is in
modules-init-tools, have a look here:


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