[arch-projects] [netcfg] add wireless connection aid

Jouke Witteveen j.witteveen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 06:35:09 EST 2011

Hi all,

I wrote a wireless connection script for netcfg:
It does a thing similar to wifi-select (available in Community), but
more in the style of netcfg-menu (part of netcfg). It integrates
tightly and I plan to keep the source up to date with netcfg changes.

The script requires netcfg 2.7 (currently not yet released, but remy's
tree has the required patch applied).

I would like to see the script (wifi-menu) added to the scripts
directory of netcfg, alongside netcfg-menu. The requirements are:
- dialog (just like netcfg-menu)
- wpa_supplicant (mandatory for wireless anyway)

If this seems a good idea, I would like to ask Remy to add the script
to the netcfg repository (and make a release :-) ).

- Jouke

netcfg is an orphaned package?!

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