[arch-projects] [PATCH 1/7] config: add /etc/hostname support

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Fri Oct 28 19:11:54 EDT 2011

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 8:44 PM, Seblu <seblu at seblu.net> wrote:
> But to have a complete hostname configuration, we have to take in
> consideration, in our current archlinux setups, we needs to edit
> /etc/rc.conf et /etc/hosts to have a right "hostname", "hostname -f"
> and "domainname".

Having to edit /etc/hosts is indeed a pain, we should just ship
<http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/nss-myhostname/>, which does the
correct thing for us automatically without requiring /etc/hosts to
contain the hostname.

> About locale.conf, imho  the bug report was closed too quickly, the
> current solution doesn't correctly adress the issue.
> Inheritance of locales should not be done by a login shell but by
> process granting access (by example pam). This would fix issues with
> *dm started by inittab.

As far as I understood the report, the problem was fixed (the
locale.sh is not re-sourced if you start a non-login shell). However,
what you describe sounds like a possibly nicer way to implement it, so
I'd be interested in seeing some patches ;-)



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