[arch-projects] [mkinitcpio][PATCH 00/26] patchbomb (maybe some bug fixes)

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Mon Sep 26 21:22:01 EDT 2011

I'd like to get a mkinitcpio release out the door in the next few weeks, but
first we need actual patches to do that, so... here we go. The majority of this
is style tweaks and bug fixes, but there are a few small new features I'll
point out:

1) Allowing soft failures on modules -- if a module ends with a '?' character
and the module isn't found, this won't trigger an error. Folks building custom
kernel and building in modules like ext4 or sd_mod will find this useful.
2) busybox is installed during the build process rather than doing the install
at bootstrap. Tom and I thought this made sense since the initcpio should be a
"build once, use many" sort of scenario. Do the repetitive work up front where
3) Allow the 'break' variable on the cmdline to provide a pre or post-mount
shell prompt. The behavior of 'break' or 'break=y' remains untouched.
4) Better support for keymap/consolefont in non-sysvinit environments. This
stems from FS#24685. Basically, I went with a middle ground and we now source
/etc/rc.conf in these hooks which means a systemd user can simple source
/etc/vconsole.conf, /etc/locale.conf and then remap the variables to the names
expected under normal circumstances. sysvinit users should notice absolutely
no change in behavior here.

I'll be testing this throughout the week as I have time, but anyone who has
feedback or wants to mention that I broke everything is more than welcome to.
Easiest way to get all of this is pull from my 'for-thomas' branch on github:



Dave Reisner (25):
  install/consolefont: cleanup and refactor
  keymap/consolefont: source rc.conf properly from $BASEDIR
  keymap: simplify unicode detection
  cleanup and bashify install hooks
  base: remove superfluous leading /
  functions: allow ignoring errors on module addition
  functions: refactor get_{base,dir}name
  functions: perform path lookup for binaries if needed
  functions: specify the delimiter to xargs
  ensure local scoping of variables
  mkinitcpio: simplify setting of SKIPHOOKS
  mkinitcpio: fix whitespace errors in error messages
  mkinitcpio: explicitly create $BUILDROOT
  mkinitcpio: keep going even when a hook isn't found
  mkinitcpio: insist that /dev be mounted
  init: support breaks before and after mounting root
  init: allow /run to be mounted with exec perms
  init: extend PATH to include /usr/local bins
  init: pass PATH to real PID 1's environment
  setup busybox during image creation instead of runtime
  lsinitcpio: disable color when stdout isn't a tty
  lsinitcpio: follow symlinks only when necessary
  functions: fix output order in _add_symlink
  use correct variable to reference compression method
  init_functions: use constants on LHS of tests

Florian Pritz (1):
  harden version generation

 Makefile            |    7 ++-
 PKGBUILD            |    4 +-
 functions           |   77 ++++++++++++++++-----
 hooks/keymap        |   11 +--
 init                |   19 +++---
 init_functions      |    6 +-
 install/base        |    7 ++-
 install/btrfs       |   15 ++--
 install/consolefont |   56 ++++++++-------
 install/dsdt        |   21 ++----
 install/filesystems |    2 +-
 install/fw          |   29 +++-----
 install/ide         |   30 +++-----
 install/keymap      |   24 ++++---
 install/memdisk     |   19 +++---
 install/net         |  195 +++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 install/pata        |    4 +-
 install/pcmcia      |   29 ++++----
 install/resume      |   19 ++---
 install/sata        |    4 +-
 install/scsi        |    4 +-
 install/sleep       |   27 +++----
 install/udev        |   33 ++++-----
 install/usb         |   32 ++++-----
 install/usbinput    |   30 +++-----
 lsinitcpio          |    8 ++-
 mkinitcpio          |   26 ++++---
 27 files changed, 373 insertions(+), 365 deletions(-)


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