[arch-projects] [netcfg] 3g profile (WAS: Re: [PATCH 1/2] [configs/releng] Add usb_modeswitch and wvdial to live-env)

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Aug 9 19:38:41 EDT 2012

Am 10.08.2012 00:27, schrieb Loui Chang:
> On Thu 09 Aug 2012 10:55 +0200, Thomas Bächler wrote:
>> It amazes me that people want to use wvdial. It doesn't simplify
>> connecting at all compared to plain pppd, but adds yet another program.
>> What we should aim for is adding 3G support to netcfg, which would make
>> wvdial redundant.
> I remember this discussion years ago. Well, wvdial actually does
> simplify matters for some people. Apparently it fails for others.
> It would be great to add these features to netcfg, but who's going to do
> it? Probably not the releng devs, as this was suggested before...
> Maybe try the netcfg devs.

Good question. Anyone interested in implementing 3G profiles in netcfg?
It shouldn't be that hard, the configuration seems to be mostly
identical for different providers.

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