[arch-projects] [dbscripts] Integrity check false-positives when overriding package information from package()

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Thu Feb 2 08:16:10 EST 2012


On 09.01.2012 10:44, Florian Pritz wrote:
> Short summary:
> The last integrity check included some missing dependencies that are
> actually not missing, but provided by perl. The problem is that these
> provisions are generate at build time and not included in the PKGBUILD
> so the check won't deal with them correctly.
> On 09.01.2012 04:43, Qadri wrote:
>>> After having a look at the integrity check source, it looks like it
>>> should deal with provivions already, but that code is obviously broken.
>>> If you could come up with a fix that would be very nice.
>> :-/ It does look like it handles it fine. I _was_ going to ask if I could
>> test things out in my local machine without mirroring a whole repo when it
>> occurred to me that maybe the script is not the bug. The issue is that the
>> provides array in the perl PKGBUILD is dynamically generated via a perl
>> script.
> My fault, I totally ignored the fact that it parses the PKGBUILDs when I
> looked at it.
>> So new question: Is it okay if the dbscript ran an external perl script,
>> grabbed the output, and parsed that? For just the provides field? For any
>> field? How many packages use this sort of script (answer - something on the
>> order of tens)? Make an exception for perl? 
> parse_pkgbuilds.sh already sources the PKGBUILD so whatever magic you do
> in there will work as long as it's not inside build()/package(). The
> problem is that I probably can't create the array for perl at that point.
>> Thoughts?
> Parsing PKGBUILDs will also create false positives when/if we use
> libdepends/libprovides since the version part will be added by makepkg
> and will be missing from the PKGBUILD.
> As a solution, you can change the check to load the package data from
> the actual repo database, but you still have to get the makedepends from
> the PKGBUILD because these are not in the db. That should be fine though
> because makepkg checks for those before running build/package.
> One potential problem when doing this is that the database may not be in
> sync with svn. Currently the packages that are in the tree, but not in
> the db will be checked so you still notice problems in the tree when the
> check runs.
> When you use the database as the primary source  problems in the tree
> would go unnoticed for quite a while because the cronjob currently runs
> only once a week.
> Maybe it's because most of the output is the same all the time? At least
> that's why I skim over the mails. This could be solved by caching the
> last output for each section and only sending different lines. To make
> sure we don't missing anything you could clean the cache every now and
> then (monthly?) so we get the full output.
> So my solution is to use the database, send only different output and
> send it more often. Does that sounds like a good idea?
> PS: This discussion should continue on the arch-projects mailing list.

Florian Pritz

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