[arch-projects] netcfg: fixes and features

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 18 17:32:15 EDT 2012

Am 18.03.2012 22:25, schrieb Jouke Witteveen:
>>> Unfortunately, it is not. One optional dependency (net-tools) was
>>> dropped, one build dependency (asciidoc) was added, the optional
>>> dependencies dialog and wireless_tools their descriptions changed.
>>> Furthermore, the PKGBUILD now deals with installing shell completion.

I'll update it again tomorrow.

>>> I noticed you changed to sha256sums. Should I upgrade?

I use them almost everywhere, but it shouldn't matter.

>> Is it OK at all to have a pkg in [core] makedepend on a pkg from [community]?

It happens.

> @Thomas: What to do with all the fixed netcfg bugs? They should be
> closed when netcfg hits [core].

Yes, post me a list of bug numbers when that is done.

> Also, you could try the fix for
> wpa_actiond in [testing], as it does fix a bug ;-).

I forgot about that, I still have the fix in my working branch only.

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