[arch-projects] [mkinitcpio] [PATCH 1/3] mkinitcpio: Allow building an image without modules

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Wed Dec 11 13:58:29 EST 2013

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 02:05:27PM +0100, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Hi Dave, these patches have been sitting here for 2 weeks. I'd love to
> have this stuff fixed in the repository and preferably have a release.
> My sd-vconsole patches have also been sitting here dormant for quite
> longer and should at some point be available in Arch.

Sorry about this, I don't mean to be an absentee maintainer. My life is
forfeit through EOY thanks to $dayjob. I've pushed what I have locally
(with some minimal amount of testing). Feel free to rebase your
sd-vconsole hook against master and push it. You still have commit
rights, yes?


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