[arch-projects] [netctl] Time to move

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Feb 5 10:17:05 EST 2013

Am 05.02.2013 16:08, schrieb Jouke Witteveen:
> Here's what needs to be done:
> - move openresolv to [core]
> - add netctl to [testing]
> later:
> - add netctl to [core]
> - announce the deprecation of netcfg on the site and ask people to
> migrate manually (with a howto)
> - remove netcfg from [core]
> - possibly: add netctl to the base group

May I suggest a small change before we do this?

Right now, netcfg and netctl share /etc/network.d/ as common directory
for their configuration. This complicates the migration. Can we use
something new and more consistent with usual naming schemes? For
example, systemd uses /etc/systemd/, udev uses /etc/udev/, and so on. I
think that /etc/netctl/ is the best choice here.

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