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Thu Jan 31 08:13:53 EST 2013

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        on  Fri Dec 28 02:58:30 2012 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Initial release
Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)


Andre Herbst (1):
      Add support for specificying explicit BSSID (FS#24582)

Andrea Scarpino (11):
      set SECURITY to none if not set
      ethernet doesn't need check for wpa
      added example for opened wireless connection
      undo WPA and ethernet
      fixed typo by Robson Roberto Souza Peixoto
      fix #14761
      fix #14761 (again)
      typo (fix #14761)
      fix a typo in the manpage (FS#21377)
      Merge openvpn support (FS#21490)
      replace dhcpcd -x with dhcpcd -k (FS#23293)

Braden (1):
      Add a priority option to wpa config (FS#30737)

Byron Clark (1):
      Use correct rc scripts names in suspend hook.

Christoph Vigano (1):
      Fix IPv6 SLAAC address/route bug

Cédric Girard (1):
      bash-completion: add support for -r option

Dan McGee (1):
      Skip http -> https redirect on website

Florian Pritz (1):
      Makefile: fix dest for scp

Geert Hendrickx (1):
      Add the ability to disable IPv6 configuratioin ethernet-static

Henrik Hallberg (3):
      Do without temporary file for netcfg-menu dialog
      Wait actively in {start, stop}_wpa
      Lower latency in timeout_wait

Ivan Shapovalov (3):
      Include "-pf" when shutting down an ethernet connection with dhclient.
      Kill dhclient along with dhcpcd when performing cleanups.
      Exit from stop_wpa() if there's nothing to terminate.

James Rayner (170):
      Initial Import
      fixed some cosmetic output issues due to missing newlines
      Fix up tests
      fixed missing ]] in wireless.subr
      change -a to &&
      typo in complete.example.. s/IFOPTS/IP/g
      added auto wireless support to rc.d/net-profiles
      Small new features & tidying
      Fix makefile for netcfg-auto-wireless
      Added "automatic wireless" support and sort of 'cleaned' up rc.d/net-profiles
      fixed typo in complete example
      netcfg v2.0.2
      netcfg v2.0.3
      symlink issue in netcfg-auto-wireless
      Removed buggy 'last profile' functionality
      Sort netcfg-menu alphabetically
      netcfg v2.0.4
      Fix Error 12: File not found error, and make netcfg-auto-wireless output look better
      netcfg v2.0.5
      Fix automatic wireless for devices that need to be enabled before use (ifconfig $iface up)
      Created option to allow only one network at a time. Useful for switching networks.
      Catch invalid profiles FS9423
      Fails if DNS2 not set. FS9525
      Fixed PPP functionality: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=326065#p326065
      quick workaround for EXCLUSIVE= potential bug
      netcfg v2.0.6
      FS9953 FS9644
      update details for release
      FS10396 - run custom own commands before connection
      Sort out various wireless quirks and improve wireless reliability
      Set dhclient as default if installed
      separate automagic from netcfg proper
      netcfg v2.1.0 beta 2
      Take interface down after disconnecting. Quirk 'nodown' to disable behaviour FS#10708
      Add wierd quirk for some atheros hardware FS#10585
      Two quirks to test for iwl3945, reported on forums post:402541
      Fix parsing of hex WPA keys
      Add logging of last profile connected FS#3941
      Add any missing /var/run dirs FS#10768
      netcfg v2.1.0 release candidate 1
      netcfg v2.1.0
      netcfg v2.1.1
      Adjust arguments for dhcpcd 4.x
      Restore dhcpcd as default dhcp client
      Added new DNS=() variable for multiple DNS nameservers
      netcfg v2.1.2
      Add ethernet 802.1x support, FS12069, Don't enforce any WEP authentication method, FS11690
      replace mii link check with iproute
      libify and fix some scripting errors
      fix libify
      Add option to pass arbitrary ifconfig arguments when using dhcp
      FS11818, improve key handling, use subshells to avoid scope issues after libify
      use arguments to scripts rather than sourcing in connection functions
      Add early wireless via dbus/wpa_supplicant support
      Arrange tree for future packaging
      fix man page location
      add iproute enabled ethernet connection type, fix makefile for new wireless
      substitute usage of 'ls' with 'find'
      fix output
      fix output
      cleanups in ethernet connection type
      various fixes, and new quirk 'noacheck'
      remove typo
      FS#13073 - add example of string based wep key to netcfg
      FS#13165 - netcfg creates bad wpa_supplicant config when using full hex key
      FS#11748 -netcfg takes interface down too early
      Basic example configurations for the new system
      fix minor typo in example
      fix netcfg-auto-wireless and a temporary workaround for FS#13299
      Improve tolerance of wireless-dbus and remove hardcoded values
      Remove possibly redundant code, add structure to support WEP
      Update and re-arrange examples, update wireless quirk options, stop
      Add missing wpa-config based examples
      Adjust example installation in Makefile
      FS#13492 - correct find command in all_down
      remove stat_append
      Add WEP support to wireless-dbus, remove broken interface type check in wireless
      Fix cable check and handle devices which take some time to report state=up. FS#13334
      Working WEP support via dbus/wpa_supplicant
      remove infinite loop causing wireless to fail
      Add reconnect option to netcfg and improve clean option
      Add documentation for both types of ethernet and wireless connections
      remove accident
      improve netcfg help text
      cosmetic fix to help message output
      wireless: check if iface is real, stop wpa_supplicant on failures
      netcfg v2.2.0 beta 1
      netcfg v2.2.0 beta 1 (again)
      netcfg v2.2.0 beta 1 (again)
      Fix FS#14761 and handle if no profiles are active
      netcfg v2.2.0 beta 2
      Another attempt at a working link check, FS#13334
      netcfg v2.2.0 beta 3
      Workaround for FS#15072
      netcfg v2.2.0
      fix taking all profiles down
      netcfg v2.2.1
      Patch from Jim Pryor
      rename wireless file
      rename wireless file
      remove generated docs
      revert pryor patch
      Added basic rfkill support; prototype connection query support
      Add wireless+iproute support, extend wait for some slower cards
      merge logging code from Jim Pryor
      merge improved find_ap/find_essid
      Add interface setting, a debug mode and interface setting hooks
      merge changes since revert
      add missing globals and 'arch' hook
      allow interfaces to be marked as externally controlled
      Erase any suspended profiles on a newly connected interface
      prevent check_iface from always returning external, output from get_iface_prof
      Shorten find_ap/essid and allow net-profiles to continue if a profile fails
      Use wpa_supplicant for list_networks
      Lots of little tweaks that should never hurt. Some of them may help in
      add an improved pm-utils handler
      Read /etc/network.d/interfaces/ when loading profile
      Added initial rfkill support
      Generalise wpa_supplicant scan information
      Rework rfkill into re-usable functions
      Merge connections ethernet/ethernet-iproute
      Rework wireless to use wpa_supplicant more, add CONFIGSECTION support
      Fix silly code
      Add WPA_DRIVER, WPA_COUNTRY and handle WEP string keys
      Large rework of wireless to use wpa_supplicant
      Integrate netcfg into autowifi
      Fix incorrect continue, and config generation
      Only flush when disabling wireless interface, tidy up down/forcedown
      Remove wpa generation duplication, fix wep/none-old
      Rename autowifi->wpa_actiond, add makefile, bugfix
      Add stop to netcfg-wpa_actiond, default to WPA2, then WPA.
      connections/ethernet: Don't incorrectly return indicating failure
      Documentation update
      Add initial net-auto-wired concept
      Prevent corrupting wpa-config WPA_CONF, rfkill on stop
      Tweak docs, add website generation
      finish net-auto-wired, tested and added to Makefile
      netcfg v2.5.0rc1
      FS#17148 - using extglob, need it set
      FS#16781 - missing quote, remove dbus examples
      FS#13418,FS#12505 - add zsh/bash completion
      FS#14509 - add DHCLIENT_OPTIONS for dhclient based setup
      fix error bringing interface down
      netcfg v2.5.0rc2
      Fix race, make wpa_supplicant wait for the wpa_actiond connection
      Add early checks for optional dependencies
      Fix FS#17406, FS#17307
      Make net-profiles take all networks down correctly, fix FS#17406
      netcfg v2.5.0
      Add missing wireless, wpa-configsection example
      Fix FS#17190, not exiting loop correctly
      netcfg v2.5.1
      fix FS#17190 properly
      netcfg v2.5.2
      Handle undefined SECURITY, set example to be explicit
      Modify examples to prevent quoting issues as illustrated by FS#18405
      Fix FS#18391, FS#18385, broken rfkill, handle hard more appropriately
      Add missing include. FS#18411
      netcfg v2.5.3
      Add adjustable netmask to IP='static'
      Bridge example connection
      netcfg v2.5.4
      FS#17190 - fix auto-wired, improve handling of static connections
      FS#20569 - cleaner handling of ppp disconnection
      FS#20150 - 802.11x: correct state check, handle disconnect
      FS#19823 - Improve zsh completion support
      FS#17546 - Don't prevent unmounting if netcfg run in transiently mounted directory & children retain cwd
      FS#21755 - Add option to skip no-carrier test, SKIPNOCARRIER=yes/no
      Update pm-utils handler

Jesse Young (1):
      Make sure $STATE_DIR and expected subdirs are created

Jim Pryor (62):
      Add contrib dir and logging hooks
      netcfg current and netcfg list
      Everyone use i/o functions from globals/hooks
      Make python script use i/o hooks too
      wpa_cli, start/stop_wpa, wpa_check tweaks
      Sanitize quotes for wpa_start
      ethernet_up will create resolv.conf also for $DNS
      Don't overwrite existing $WEP_OPTS
      More secure temp WPA_CONFIG file
      grep tweaks
      document WPA_GROUP
      Improve debugging and error-reporting.
      Improve listing/iterating over profiles
      use subshells as sandboxes, and failing POST_UP/PRE_DOWN aborts
      Integrate netcfg-menu and net-profiles
      net-auto daemon file? already started?
      give wireless-dbus smarter read_config
      make wep_check more robust
      use STATE_DIR in /usr/bin/netcfg
      silence an error in set_iface
      Add AP argument to profile, also let ESSID arguments be regexps
      improve list_networks, report APs too
      Improve suspend/resume, allow for subsets of ifaces
      start consolidation of ifconfig/ip/set_interface
      Isolate ip to ethernet-iproute, ifconfig to ethernet + wireless
      extend set_interface usage to netcfg-auto-wireless
      i/o tweaks
      wireless-dbus tweaks
      respect TMPDIR
      long switches when calling netcfg
      Comments, more harmless bits
      move checkyesno to globals, make NETCFG_DEBUG a yes/no setting (default=no)
      typo in a comment
      Replace pipe to xargs with pipe to while read...
      quotes around $(...) where needed
      at_interface_{up,down} => IFACE_{UP,DOWN}
      Tweaks while merging
      tabs->spaces, vim modelines
      check for $IFACE_DIR/$INTERFACE before sourcing
      Sourcing not necessary in get_rf_state, set_rf_state
      Returns and exits
      remove duplicated list_networks
      /sys/class/rfkill/rfkillN/state=2 for disabled on my system
      revert regexp ESSID patches
      load hooks only from /usr/lib/network/hooks
      Consolidate check_iface and get_iface_prof
      src/network tweaks
      More localized sourcing
      added more contrib/ files
      don't count profile as connected if it was suspended without a profile-down
      Rename set_interface to bring_interface
      Makefile bug
      netcfg.action: missing extglob marker, don't try dhcp profiles twice
      netcfg.action: add quotes
      netcfg.action: permit down) method to exit 0, fix "list profiles" bug
      netcfg.action: save static profiles in array
      connections/wireless: add some quotes
      connections/wireless: is_interface needed quotes, and wasn't exiting on failure
      connections/ethernet: report_{debug,iproute} fixes
      network: is_interface ignoring $1

Jonathan Frazier (1):
      limit dhclient to a single interface instead of all that are available.

Jouke Witteveen (112):
      8021x: use an existing wpa_supplicant in scan_info() if available (FS#26036)
      Make net-auto-wired more like net-auto-wireless
      ifplugd.action is a bash script
      Add wireless connection aid
      Remove a mostly obsolete directory
      Minor spelling issues
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'brain0/working'
      Add backgrounding functionality to net-profiles
      update the NEWS file
      Reconnect syntax for interfaces (FS#28196)
      Code quality upgrade
      Remove deprecated code
      Overhaul of documentation
      Completion brought up to date
      Build documentation at buildtime
      Remove cat-subshells (cosmetic)
      More forgiving Makefile and added PKGBUILD creation
      Rename -i parameter to -D
      Release process changes
      Just those things you notice _after_ a release
      Revised bash completion
      Uniformize SUBR_DIR quoting
      Remove more deprecated code
      Leave out javascript in html documentation
      2.7.2 release updates
      auto-wireless: improve dhcpcd call
      sysctl: use the correct key for interfaces with vlans (FS#26259)
      2.7.3 release updates
      Minor changes
      Remove wireless-dbus and ethernet-iproute support
      PPP disconnect fix (FS#20569)
      Output fixes
      Remove multi-version support
      Location based firewall support (FS#26380)
      Rewrite output hook to not depend on initscripts
      Add netcfg-daemon
      Fixes to the netcfg daemon
      Systemd service files
      Remove obsolete references to /etc/rc.conf
      2.8.0 release updates
      Restore support for kernel command line
      Add compatibility
      2.8.1 release updates
      Add pm-utils support
      Prevent ownership conflict with pm-utils
      Fix handling of profilenames with spaces (FS#28522)
      Move the website to a website
      Output tweaks in netcfg-daemon
      2.8.2 release updates
      Be more precise in the makefile
      Fix sh compatibility (FS#29880)
      Code inspection
      Fix variable name mix-up in bonding documentation (FS#29918)
      Wait for DAD when using IPv6 (FS#28887)
      2.8.3 release updates
      List ifenslave as an optional dependency (FS#30091)
      New style to check command availability
      Wait for wifi scan results (FS#29946)
      Don't wait unnecessarily on bring_interface up
      2.8.4 release updates
      Less forking
      Increase base wifi scan wait
      Support weird characters in wifi-menu (FS#30342)
      Minor improvements
      Introduce polling timeout logic
      Fix net-auto-wired.service (FS#30348)
      Minor changes
      Provide the ability to activate the last used profile (FS#23015)
      Make AUTO_PROFILES an array
      2.8.5 release updates
      Don't be cryptic
      Better file handling in wifi-menu
      Revert "Don't rely on wpa_cli reconfigure to reload wpa.conf"
      Better grep usage
      Cleanup src/network
      Changes needed after b0373
      Rethink management of socket location for wpa_supplicant
      Remove unused status functions
      Don't try to kill a dead wpa_actiond (FS#29963)
      2.8.6 release candidate 1 updates
      2.8.6 release updates
      Use grep instead of fgrep (FS#30598)
      Fix match expression in ctrl_interface parsing (8021x)
      Remove duplicate code
      2.8.7 release updates
      Fix pid-based kills (FS#30664)
      Revise simple connection scripts
      2.8.8 release updates
      Set the IPv6 gateway after DAD
      End initscripts compatibility
      Small code review
      Fix key handling in netcfg
      2.8.9 release updates
      ifplugd path change (FS#31340)
      2.8.10 release updates
      Un-hardcode the interface in pppoe
      IPv6 support for PPPoE connections (FS#31380)
      Workaround systemd shutdown bug
      Small comments revision
      2.8.11 release updates
      Fix whitespace and quoting
      Fix bond connections (FS#31770)
      Update rfkill implementation
      Workaround systemd shutdown bug
      Update documentation
      Shed some history
      3.0 release updates
      Don't fail on no recorded profile
      Fix support for "options" in /etc/resolv.conf (FS#32601)
      3.1 release updates
      Forking netcfg to netctl (1/2)
      Forking netcfg to netctl (2/2)

Kyle Fuller (3):
      Add support for tunnels
      Include bridge-utils in the README
      Include bridge-utils in the README

Mantas MikulÄ—nas (1):
      Fix scan for SSIDs starting with a dash

Ng Oon-Ee (1):
      Add systemd service files for net-auto-{wired,wireless}

Oleksii Tkachuk (1):
      wireless: don't try to source non-existent "wireless" (FS#25514)

Olivier Mehani (5):
      Add support for static routes
      IPv6: add support for static configuration.
      IPv6: support for IPv6 static routes
      IPv6: add support for stateless autoconfiguration
      IPv6: add DHCPv6 support.

Phillip Smith (2):
      add undocumented IP=no option to net-profiles man page
      use 'ip route replace' instead of 'ip route add'

Rémy Oudompheng (102):
      Add NEWS file
      netcfg version 2.5.5
      Remove /var/run/* from package and make sure the directory is created.
      Add an example for routes settings in ethernet-static
      Add HIDDEN variable in configsection example (FS#24566)
      Add support for creating tun/tap interfaces (without configuration)
      Update NEWS and version numbers
      Refactor wpa_supplicant config generation
      Correct permissions on connections/vlan
      update NEWS file and documentation
      No longer use the hostname command
      Update NEWS and documentation file
      Change STATE_DIR from /var/run to /run
      Move wpa_supplicant PID file to /run
      Move more PID files to /run
      More replacing /var/run by /run
      examples: add line for DHCPv6
      wireless: add proper option to wpa_cli to find files in /run
      802&x: fix a syntax error
      bridge: add FWD_DELAY and MAX_AGE options (FS#16625)
      examples: add static IPv6 syntax
      NEWS: update
      IPv6: remove PREFIXLEN option and turn ADDR6 into an array
      Makefile: add systemd service files (FS#23106)
      Add documentation for the NETCFG_DEBUG variable
      Move executable scripts to a separate scripts/ directory
      Fill README file with dependency information.
      Reword IWCONFIG option description.
      wireless: remove deprecated options none-old/wep-old
      Hold wpa_cli command line common arguments in $WPA_CLI
      Move wpa_supplicant based list_networks() function to 8021x module
      Store wpa_supplicant configuration in /run/network instead of /tmp
      8021x: add wpa_supplicant equivalents for find_essid(), find_ap()
      Switch to wpa_supplicant for scanning
      Remove now unused functions find_ap() and find_essid()
      Rename wireless module to 'rfkill', remove wep_check
      Makefile: update with new module name
      Makefile: mark several targets as PHONY
      Replace iwgetid usage by wpa_cli.
      Remove last usage of wireless_tools.
      pm-utils.handler: temporarily hack a syntax error
      Update documentation for ethernet mode
      Merge branch 'no-iwconfig'
      NEWS: update
      Allow using markdown instead of pandoc, packaging fixes
      Add /etc/conf.d/netcfg for net-auto-wireless configuration.
      Rationalize source tree hierarchy.
      Add symlink creation in Makefile
      Rationalize Makefile
      Correct path to wpa_supplicant control socket
      Add the possibility of restricting autostart to certain profiles (FS#23169)
      Release version 2.6
      Correctly create STATE_DIR before creating WPA configuration file
      Add basic tuntap IP configuration capabilities
      Release version 2.6.1
      8021x: create a /var/run/wpa_supplicant symlink for compat
      8021x: fix a typo preventing WEP connection from working (FS#24896)
      ethernet: also stop dhclient when used for DHCPv6
      Release version 2.6.2
      Fix infinite loop in symlinks (FS#25077)
      Release version 2.6.3 (bug fix)
      Update NEWS file.
      Rework comment formatting.
      Auto-generate the netcfg manpage from markdown/pandoc source.
      Documentation overhaul.
      Formatting fixes, add gitignore file
      Update make scripts with new doc paths.
      netcfg-profiles: more doc for other connection types
      Don't rely on wpa_cli reconfigure to reload wpa.conf
      Release version 2.6.4
      Makefile: fix wrong paths
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kylef/tunnel'
      Document tunnel connections.
      Begin a tentative list of contributors
      bond: add minimal support for interface bonding (FS#24802)
      ethernet: specify device name explicitly when setting gateways
      Release version 2.6.5
      Update NEWS file
      Merge branch '2.6.x'
      8021x: prepare for configurable WPA_CTRL_PATH
      Use configured control path for wpa_supplicant (FS#24949)
      Release version 2.6.6
      Better quoting of $profile
      Update NEWS file
      netcfg-profiles.5: document SKIPNOCARRIER
      Unset ROUTES before loading profiles (FS#25432)
      Fix wrong parsing of wpa_supplicant configuration (FS#25464)
      examples: add line for IPv6 autoconfiguration to ethernet-static
      Release version 2.6.7
      Merge branch '2.6.x'
      ethernet: set wpa_supplicant control path if needed (FS#25473)
      ethernet: load ipv6 module if necessary (FS#25530)
      netcfg-wpa_actiond: don't try to disable HW rfkills (FS#25514)
      wireless: also accept leading spaces when parsing control socket path
      Release version 2.6.8
      Add option ESSID_TYPE=hex to support hexadecimal ESSIDs (FS#24333)
      Merge branch '2.6.x'
      Document bond connection type and update NEWS file.
      Reorganize files to match install location closer
      Support more options in /etc/conf.d/netcfg (FS#25588)
      bond: add example, fix missing quotes and typo
      Uniformize systemd service files (FS#25854)

Samuel Andaya (1):
      Add support for "options" in /etc/resolv.conf.

Sascha Weaver (1):
      Grammar error in example conf file (FS#31947)

Tasos Latsas (2):
      wifi-menu: fix name of wireless key variable
      Better error handling in automatic connect scripts

Thomas Bächler (14):
      Fix wpa_actiond pid file in netcfg-wpa_actiond script
      Add net-auto-wireless rc.d script for the wpa_actiond mode
      Fix symlink creation in Makefile - it shouldn't point to the build directory
      wpa_actiond-action: Properly quote arguments of the script, they might contain spaces (especially $profile)
      Add simple bridging support
      wireless: Add support for hidden ssid
      wireless: HIDDEN option: use checkyesno function instead of custom check
      Change default wpa driver to nl80211,wext - requires wpa_supplicant 0.7
      Add PPPoE connection support
      Version 2.7.1
      pppoe default to noauth
      Allow hex passphrase in wifi-menu
      add to base group
      Fix description of net-auto-wire{d, less}.service

Thomas Lucke (Lucky) (1):
      BSSID: fix AP variable and set it to lowercase (FS#24806)

Thomas S Hatch (1):
      Add vlan support to netcfg

Tom Gundersen (3):
      systemd: move units from /lib to /usr/lib
      systemd: pull in network.target
      systemd: wait for network to come up

Tom Vincent (1):
      Replace multiple echo calls with heredoc

Xavion (2):
      netcfg-wpa_actiond: properly stop netcfg profile (FS#23293)
      ethernet: correctly stop dhclient when bringing down interfaces (FS#23293)

hamelg (1):
      Add support for ad-hoc Wi-Fi (FS#19683)


Network control utility based on systemd

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