[arch-projects] [netctl][PATCH] PKGBUILD: Add systemd to depends

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Tue Jul 16 08:59:48 EDT 2013

systemd is required at runtime and we also need it at build time.
New chroots created by Arch's devtools no longer include all base
packages and systemd won't be installed unless we depend on it.

Without systemd the makefile won't find the unit dir and will install
the service files into /.

Signed-off-by: Florian Pritz <bluewind at xinu.at>

Already applied this to the package in testing

 contrib/PKGBUILD.in | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/contrib/PKGBUILD.in b/contrib/PKGBUILD.in
index 3c7b9b0..b4e31f0 100644
--- a/contrib/PKGBUILD.in
+++ b/contrib/PKGBUILD.in
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ pkgdesc='Profile based systemd network management'
-depends=('coreutils' 'iproute2' 'openresolv')
+depends=('coreutils' 'iproute2' 'openresolv' 'systemd')
 # The source tarball includes pre-built (using asciidoc) documentation.
 optdepends=('dialog: for the menu based wifi assistant'

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