[arch-projects] [netctl] Regarding commit fe5f0d6fe - "Restrict dhcpcd to IPv4"

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Jun 16 05:22:25 EDT 2013

Am 16.06.2013 11:20, schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> Am 16.06.2013 11:00, schrieb Jouke Witteveen:
>> On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 10:55 AM, Thomas Bächler <thomas at archlinux.org> wrote:
>>> Am 16.06.2013 10:35, schrieb Jouke Witteveen:
>>>>> What this doesn't mention is that it also reads DNS servers from Router
>>>>> Advertisements, which the kernel cannot do by itself. dhcpcd does not
>>>>> perform dhcpv6 as far as I know.
>>>> I'm not sure; it might do so nowadays. Does dhclient read DNS servers
>>>> from RAs in IPv4 mode?
>>> I haven't check what dhclient does, but dhcpcd is definitely not a
>>> dhcpv6 client.
>> http://roy.marples.name/projects/dhcpcd/wiki/DhcpcdFeatures
>> It says it is
> That's interesting, I haven't seen the manpage refer to this at all. It
> lists the RFCs for everything it supports: DHCP, BOOTP, Router
> Solicitation - no mentions of dhcpv6.
> And then, there's the source code: dhcpcd-5.6.8/ipv6rs.c, line 819ff:
>         if (rap->flags & (ND_RA_FLAG_MANAGED | ND_RA_FLAG_OTHER)) {
>                 if (new_data)
>                         syslog(LOG_WARNING,
>                             "%s: no support for DHCPv6 management",
>                             ifp->name);
> So, if your router advertises that dhcpv6 is available ("managed" or
> "other" flag), dhcpcd simply prints "no support for DHCPv6 management"
> to your syslog.

Oh, the git version seems to implement dhcpv6.

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