[arch-projects] [DEVTOOLS][PATCH 6/6] makechrootpkg: Remove btrfs copy after successful build

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sun Mar 10 05:44:23 EDT 2013

Am 02.03.2013 07:32, schrieb Jan Steffens:
> I disagree with making this the default.
> Copydirs named just with numbers are unhelpful on multiuser build servers.
> Chroots for failed builds are not removed, leading to clutter when
> builds fail. Copies aren't cheap enough to just leave them around,
> especially when additional dependencies are installed. Maybe this
> could be done if we had some kind of old copy garbage collection.
> Failing that, I'd rather have a single option (e.g. named -T for
> "temporary") combining both a random copydir, named using:
>   [[ -z $copy ]] && copy=$default_copy
>   copydir="$(mktemp -u "$chrootdir/$copy-XXXXXX")"
> and unconditionally removing the copydir after the build, whether it
> failed or not.
> The default behavior of makechrootpkg (without the option) remains.

I would agree on that.

Pierre Schmitz, https://pierre-schmitz.com

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