[arch-projects] [dbscripts] [PATCH 1/2] Don't quote $PKGEXT

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Thu Feb 15 21:57:26 UTC 2018

On 02/15/2018 04:43 PM, Luke Shumaker wrote:
> That's not a bad idea.  But then someone reading the code might wonder
> "why does such a trivial function exist?".  I think it would be silly,
> and ultimately hurt readability to go through and replace all
> "[[ -f ... ]]" instances with "file_exists", and if we don't do that,
> then there's a weird magic question of "when should I use [[ -f ]] and
> when should I used file_exists?"

Why would it hurt readability?

Why won't people be able to read the comments I wrote documenting the
function in my working tree?

> Ultimately, this way doesn't hide anything, and has everything the
> next person needs to know right there.  Sure, they'll have to be
> careful not to trip.  The next patch I sent changes it to PKGEXT_glob,
> to make it stand out a little more.  I'm also working on a `make
> lint`/shellcheck patchset that will add `# shellcheck disable=SC2086`
> directives to each line to avoid shellcheck complaining about
> PKGEXT_glob being unquoted, drawing even more attention to it, to
> avoid tripping.

I want to make dbscripts more readable, not less. Just reverting every
new thing when *both* are broken, is not something I want to do.

I'd like to just remove this time bomb properly.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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