[arch-projects] [devtools] [PATCH 5/7] lib/common.sh: Adjust to work properly with `set -u`

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Mon Jan 15 19:34:04 UTC 2018

On Mon, 15 Jan 2018 12:25:22 -0500,
Eli Schwartz via arch-projects wrote:
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> On 01/15/2018 11:57 AM, Luke Shumaker wrote:
> > From: Luke Shumaker <lukeshu at parabola.nu>
> > libmakepkg does not work with `set -u`; but mostly because of the include
> > guards!  So we just need to temporarily disable `set -u` (nounset) while
> > loading libmakepkg.  Instead of introducing a new variable, just store the
> > initial nounset status in _INCLUDE_COMMON_SH; rather than a useless
> > fixed-string "true".
> Would it make sense to fix this in libmakepkg instead? devtools are not
> the only project that would reuse libmakepkg components. Also, working
> towards having makepkg be able to use set -u could be interesting.

Long-term: It absolutely would make sense.  But libmakepkg has a lot
slower release schedule than devtools/libretools, and I needed to get
a release out :) libretools has a few consumers of common.sh that `set
-u`; the switch to libmakepkg would have broken them otherwise.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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