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eschwartz at archlinux.org eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon May 28 23:24:02 UTC 2018

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Official repo DB scripts".

The annotated tag, archlinux/20100906 has been created
        at  6da1776d23da23a8842d2dd1412995fa74832bb2 (tag)
   tagging  6f29ee2f02c2a8e2991599ce1d76a59b58a7ee67 (commit)
  replaces  20100411
 tagged by  Pierre Schmitz
        on  Mon Sep 6 20:10:26 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 20100906

Aaron Griffin (7):
      db-update: Use a master package pool and symlinks
      Remove FTP_OS_SUFFIX variable
      Change ftpdir-cleanup scripts for package pooling
      ftpdir-cleanup: Fix cleanup of package pool
      ftpdir-cleanup: use 'find' for symlink detection
      ftpdir-cleanup: Add clean_pkgs function
      Add PKGPOOL_DIR config variable

Allan McRae (1):
      minor fix to error message

Dan McGee (5):
      Add update-web-db cronjob
      Fix a few issues with update-web-db
      update-web-db: reformat to coding style
      update-web-db: flip the arch/repo loops
      Simplify case statement

Eric Bélanger (1):
      sourceballs: Added community and community-testing support

Pierre Schmitz (67):
      add initial .gitignore file
      Replace PKGPOOL_DIR by a function call
      ftpdir-cleanup: only search for linked packages in actual repos
      adjust permissions for package pool
      don't mix db files of different arches
      don't fail if any package already exists
      Override default config with config.local
      determine correct dir even if config was sourced
      add some sample PKGBUILDs
      add a local copy of shunit2
      add default makepkg.conf for both arches
      add some common functions for our test suite
      add an initial set of tests
      add test for db-remove
      Simplify tests and add tests for db-move
      Rewrite db-move
      Fix old call
      Use package pool instead of $repo/os/any dirs
      add test for ftpdir-cleanup
      fix cleaning of any packages and ignore empty repos
      add transitions tests
      Reduce verbosity
      Fix test and add some more checks
      Cleanup db-remove
      Remove check for old staging dirs
      Remove BUILDSCRIPT variable
      Prepare for variable db file compression
      use common workdir
      Move common function to db-functions
      Cleanup cron-jobs/adjust-permissions
      Cleanup db-functions
      Source PKGBUILD in subshells
      Use db-functions in create-filelists and sourceballs
      Fix typo
      Use more consitent naming for package pool
      Check permission before any action
      Use common functions to print messages, warnings and errors
      Abort if package already exists in repo
      Remove check which was already covered by check_repo_permission
      removed useless statements
      Simplify check for existing packages
      Rewrite of db-update
      Don't hardcode supported architectures in db-move
      Add common function to check for correct repo and arch
      Don't use hard coded architectures in db-remove
      Prepare support for multiple packages in db-move
      Use common names for repos
      Move packages of all arches within one transaction
      add test to check updating a package
      add test for testing2x
      Lock repos before checking
      Fix locking in db-remove
      Add [staging] repository
      Don't try to update no package
      Add additional checks when reading PKGBUILDs
      Fix cleanup of old packages
      Rewrite ftpdir-cleanup
      fix typo
      add config.local to .gitignore
      add makepkg.conf for [multilib]
      db-remove: source functions before using them
      db-update: Make sure there are no links in the staging directory
      adjust group for multilib repository
      Simplify repo configuration
      Set correct group after touching the db file
      Fix updating of same package into different repositories at aonce
      Check if package exists in any other repository on update


Official repo DB scripts

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