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eschwartz at archlinux.org eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon May 28 23:24:02 UTC 2018

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Official repo DB scripts".

The annotated tag, archlinux/20101209 has been created
        at  c580022666e4da7e7dd1210a3749d2e0c8e8d556 (tag)
   tagging  76256c33bb6fa06b79bdab6615f2da587cd80f31 (commit)
  replaces  20100906
 tagged by  Pierre Schmitz
        on  Thu Dec 9 08:51:26 2010 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 20101209

Dan McGee (3):
      Add multilib-testing to web update script
      Move output redirection
      Fix missing output redirection

Eric Bélanger (2):
      Added seperate dryrun options for the packages and sources cleanup scripts
      Make ftpdir-cleanup less verbose

Pierre Schmitz (56):
      adding multilib-testing repository
      Remove obsolete cron job
      Fix check_repo_permission
      Use local config instead of guessing by hostname
      Fix check_pkgrepos
      check_pkgsvn: check if pkgname is in sync with svn
      check_pkgsvn: Don't assume the same PKGBUILD for all architectures
      _grep_pkginfo: use a more specific format
      Merge branch 'master' of gerolde.archlinux.org:/srv/projects/git/dbscripts
      Fix typos
      Dont try to index empty repos
      Fix sourceballs cron job
      Simplify sourceballs creation
      sourceballs: skip in a clean way if source package should not be created
      sourceballs: Lock the repo while reading the db file
      sourceballs: add LGPL2.1
      When on sigurd the svn repo is actually called svn-packages
      sourceballs: fix error handling
      sourceballs: check if PKGBUILD exists
      sourceballs: respect the dryrun setting
      sourceballs: Don't write any log
      sourceballs: Support any packages
      sourceballs.skip: nexuiz-data has the same sources as nexuiz
      sourceballs.skip: torcs-data has the same sources as torcs
      sourceballs.skip: tremulous-data has the same sources as tremulous
      sourceballs.skip: ufoai-data has the same sources as ufoai
      Blacklist more duplicate data packages
      sourceballs: Of course sort does only operate on lines
      texlive sources are already on ftp.archlinux.org
      Set CARCH as needed by some PKGBUILDs
      sourceballs: add for split packages
      Add wrappers for repo-add and repo-remove
      sourceballs-cleanup: respect .force and .skip files
      Prefer any packages
      sourceballs: check if source package was really created
      check_archlinux: fix for python2 usage
      Attempt to fix integrity-check
      Rewrite sourceballs to increase performance and reliability
      sourceballs: be less verbose
      sourceballs: fix output
      sourceballs: avoid failing twice
      sourceballs: Move to our workdir first to fix warning with sudo usage
      sourceballs: fix working directory
      Provide more real test packages
      Split tests into several files
      Add FILESEXT variable for use in create-filelists
      sourceballs no longer depends on ftpdir-cleanup being run
      Rewrote create-filelists
      sourceballs: be nice
      update-web-db: Lock db and script
      create-filelists: Improve performance by reading package list from db instead from fs
      Fix test: copy target of symlinks
      db-update: Fail if a set of split packages is incomplete
      repo_lock: check if repo is locked by repo-add or repo-remove
      Call integrity-check with specific repo list for each architecture
      check_packages.py: remove obsolete klibc workaround

Rémy Oudompheng (4):
      Style changes: remove usage of the 'has_key' method.
      Style changes: add parentheses around print "...".
      Add support for the [multilib] repo.
      Only emit a warning when a repository does not exist.


Official repo DB scripts

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