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Mon May 28 23:24:02 UTC 2018

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
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The annotated tag, archlinux/20100223 has been created
        at  0a79f6642e34fd49bcada91dbb29d49e49a53b9b (tag)
   tagging  ba7968503f18e5a2537d7d87ce2a5caa582f04f7 (commit)
 tagged by  Pierre Schmitz
        on  Wed Feb 24 22:00:07 2010 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 20100223

Aaron Griffin (200):
      Giant SVN changes
      Recompile for new passwords
      Make SVN output quiet
      Make genpkglist work again
      Fix "unknown" category handling
      Properly point to the 64bit staging dirs
      Remove 'svndir' usage
      Use local user dirs for checkouts
      Correct lockfile usage
      Switch to proper script usage
      Remove SQL database related tasks from these scripts
      Massive rewrite to make this script uber
      Switch the params to be inline with archrelease
      Make the params slightly more clear
      Remove testing paths
      Remove usage of the 64bit dirs from the staging path
      More absolute pathing
      Remove genpkglists from the dbscripts
      Fix file deletion on package removal
      Whoops, 'cd' is a built in - who knew?
      Make sure we copy old staging dir entries properly
      Make sure we're actually adding/removing files
      Fail loudly if ftp dir is missing
      Properly clean up stating dirs after a success
      Moving some files around, organizational
      Cleanup some debugging output
      Remove a check for fakeroot
      Make sure to clean up working temp dirs
      Add new db-remove script
      Make the staging warning stand out more
      Cron cleanup, and only copy DB files once
      More cron job cleanup and fixes
      Added a simple sendmail-ish script to send to the ML
      Add db-move related scripts
      Make sure to cleanup WORKDIR on exit
      Remove arch from the testing2 scripts, add *64 version
      Switch to output filelists in official repos
      Copied 'ftpmaint' from root as adjust-permissions
      Switch EXTRAFILES test to be more accurate
      Adjust permissions of the adjust-permissions script
      Fix db-remove usage text
      Use 'mv' to shuffle files out of the *64 dirs
      Git tells me this file was modifed
      crontab file for repo-based cron jobs
      Add a script to generate source tarballs for GPL compliance
      Link the new testing2x script to the 64 version too
      Minor changes to the make-sourceball script
      Merge branch 'master' of /srv/projects/git/dbscripts
      Move ftpdir-cleanup to misc-scripts
      Add a real cron script to cycle over all repos
      make-sourceball fixes
      Remove unused code from make-sourceball
      Correct the devlist mailer script to send real emails
      Merge branch 'master' of /srv/projects/git/dbscripts
      Make sure ftpdir-cleanup actually does work before outputting
      Make blank lines conditional
      Remove some 'self' usage from check_archlinux.py
      Corrections to the devlist-mailer script
      Remove community from the integrity check, for now
      Fix an error message copy/paste error
      Prevent staging cleanup if copy to repo fails
      Create a "common functions" file for DB scripts
      Move source generation to /home/ftp/sources
      Add sourceball generating cron script
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://archlinux.org/srv/projects/git/dbscripts
      Add sourceball cron job at the proper path (whoops)
      Forgot the db-functions file. Whoops
      Remove 'unstable' from sourceball creation
      Remove the unstable repository
      Cron-job changes
      Correctly remove old sourceballs without removing the wrong files
      Validate a package file's architecture
      Move temporary directories to /home/tmp
      Fix a typo in db-update's usage output
      Remove some goofy debugging messages from db-functions
      Add copy_helper function to ensure correct permissions
      Remove an erroneous '1' signal trap for cleanup() func
      Move as much as we can out to a config file
      Move everything to /srv to support new server conf
      Switch svn path to be proper on gerolde
      Fix patching for chmod call
      Clear traps on cleanup
      Remove unused cron-job 'genpkglist'
      Move cron-jobs to /srv from /home
      Remove /del dir usage from db-update
      Fix a variable overwrite when sourcing PKGBUILDs
      Add umask setting/restoring helper functions
      Remove 'copy_helper' as chmodding is fail
      Set the umask to allow g+w
      Ensure we keep track of our initial umask
      Remove some harmless error messages
      Only copy DB file from repo if we have pkgs
      Do not touch db file if it doesn't exist
      Cleanup missing db file logic
      Add potential BUILDSCRIPT config setting
      Quiet down repo-add just a bit
      Only remove packages that were successfully added
      Fix sourceball generation to work with conf file
      Misc make-sourceball fixes and updates
      Allow devlist-mailer to send to alternate addresses
      Remove an if check for old staging 'add' dirs
      Add support for altername BASEDIRs in db-functions
      Use new BASEDIR facility in make-sourceball
      Add license checking to make-sourceball
      Remove HH:MM from devlist-mailer subject lines
      Merge branch 'master' of file:///srv/projects/git/dbscripts
      Clean up output, remove 'trunk build'
      Remove 'skipping' output. Not needed
      More sourceball output cleanup
      Write out failed packages to a txt file
      Emit makepkg --allsource to a logfile
      Fail on license mismatch, instead of succeeding
      Output stderr to an error file for each run
      Rename local 'arch' variable to '_arch'
      Correct the sourceball removal step
      Allow skipping of sourceball license check
      Fix pkgname parsing for files without ARCH
      Add -f flag to make-sourceball
      Call makepkg with --ignorearch during --allsource
      Keep the last failed.txt too for comparison
      Fix arg number check in make-sourceball
      make-sourceball: move popd call before return
      Add repo/arch to make-sourceball log path
      make-sourceball: Add -f to gzip and rm
      sourceballs: copy previous errors.txt output file
      make-sourceballs: one logfile per pkgname
      Remove unstable scripts
      Add a script to simplify the integ check call
      make-sourceball: Fix license error output
      Remove the repo-maint crontab
      Remove old sourceballs before doing anything
      Ensure grep matches only full pkgnames
      make-sourceball: license skip is NOT a failure
      Make db-update parse all architecutres
      Add per-repo SVN configs
      config: Add 'any' ARCH to array
      db-update: remove 'touch' of empty db file
      db-update: Add some total counts to output
      config: Revert 'any' addition to the ARCHES array
      check_archlinux: Skip searching CVS and .svn dirs
      convert-to-any: Remove 'z' from bsdtar
      Refactor PKGINFO reading into a function
      Fix adjust-permissions for gerolde and sigurd
      Add community and 'any' arch to ftp cleanup
      Add community and 'any' arch to sourceballs
      sourceballs: skip nonexistant FTP paths
      ftpdir-cleanup: Allow configurable destination dir
      ftpdir-cleanup: Add configurable destdir
      ftpdir-cleanup: Corrections for 'any' packages
      db-functions: minor cleanup - remove echo
      ftpdir-cleanup: Fixes for 'any' support
      ftpdir-cleanup: Fix the symlink restore loop
      ftpdir-cleanup: Don't scan 'any' dirs
      ftpdir-cleanup: Fix ARCHINDEP parsing
      any support: use relative symlinks
      db-update: Fix final repo_unlock
      Merge branch 'master' of /srv/projects/git/dbscripts
      Use the top level config file for cron-jobs
      ftpdir-cleanup: Minimize output
      ftpdir-cleanup: Loop over arches for 'any' links
      Remove community from stock ftpdir-cleanup
      Add db-community
      Replace DB_COMPRESSION with DBEXT in the config
      Uncomment BUILDSCRIPT in the config file
      Remove dependence on makepkg.conf
      Fix an error in db-move due to DBEXT commit
      Replace a string compare with a -f check
      Remove find-dupes script (unused)
      More makepkg.conf removal - prefer toplevel config
      More removal of DB_COMPRESSION from cron jobs
      Use db-functions file everywhere
      Replace pkgname with pkgbase, for split packages
      Add SRCEXT to config
      Quiet sourceball output when license is skipped
      sourceballs: explicitly add the 'any' arch
      Added sourceballs.force entries
      Minor: remove unused variable
      Remove '$arch' from file loop
      Collapse duplicate loops for staging removal
      ftpdir-cleanup: get rid of local getpkgname
      ftpdir-cleanup: Additional getpkgname cleanup
      Bump check_archlinux module for libalpm.so.4
      check_archlinux: absroot -> absroots
      integrity-check: Loop over arches
      integrity-check: Forgot to decrement the arg count
      integrity-check: Rename $3 -> $2
      Merge branch 'master' of file:///srv/projects/git/dbscripts
      Temporarily disable community sourceball generation
      Set/restore umask in the sourceballs cron job
      Modify sourceball remove_old function
      Add a safety check for existence in pkg loop
      Renamed community-testing2* scripts
      make-sourceballs: clean up output
      make-sourceball: Re-add file parsing of name/ver
      Fixed test for existence of split package sources
      sourceballs: skip based on pkgbase failures
      Echo pkginfo parsing errors to stderr
      Rename createFileLists to be more like the others
      Cleanup create-filelists
      create-filelists: Call getpkgname for real

Abhishek Dasgupta (7):
      Add convert-to-any script
      db-update: Add support for 'any' arch
      Moved arch-independent processing out of the loop.
      'any' architecture support for db-move, db-remove Also: changed empty variable '$ftpdir' in db-remove       to '$ftppath/$architecture'
      ftpdir-cleanup: remove arch-independent packages Removes architecture independent packages which are not symlinked in any of the architecture repositories.
      convert-to-any: Cleanup and commit removal
      convert-to-any: use fakeroot, put .PKGINFO at top

Allan McRae (1):
      Make working directory in testing2x

Dan McGee (12):
      Remove CVS Id lines
      Remove db-arch scripts, add db-core scripts
      Get GIT repo in line with the current dbscripts
      Remove chmod on /home/aur/*
      cron-jobs: use renice to lower job priority
      Drop unstable from processing in scripts
      Adjust remaining scripts for new repo locations
      Add DB_COMPRESSION var to all scripts that need it
      Be more careful with config file inclusion
      Add new get_repos_for_host() function
      Ensure you don't update DBs on the wrong server
      Maybe I should make the script really adjust permissions

Daniel J Griffiths (3):
      Add db-community-testing
      Add "testing to repo" scripts for community
      Add "testing to repo" for any pkgs in community

Eric Bélanger (8):
      Remove slashes from end of config paths
      make-sourceball: copy the proper pkg path
      Variable rename fix: SVN_PATH -> SVNREPO
      Fix arch parameter handling in db-remove
      Moved ALLOWED_LICENSES declaration to config file
      Moved chk_license to db-functions file
      Added source-cleanup directory support
      Added new cronjob script to clean up unneeded sourceballs

Eric Bélanger (1):
      Fixed split packages support in sourceballs script

Francois Charette (16):
      Check whether packages exist in build dirs before attempting to copy them
      create $WORKDIR before cding to it
      fixed filename in creation of symlinks
      fixed redirection of error msgs in get_svnpath
      fix redirection to stderr in get_svnpath
      Bugfix in db-functions for _grep_pkginfo
      Fix final "cleanup" to avoid spurious error msg
      simple syntactic improvements
      Minor syntactic improvements in db-update
      remove trailing slash from ftppath[_any]
      Refactor ftpdir-cleanup to handle all arches
      Bugfix: make TMPDIR within the for loop
      Very minor additions
      db-update: Move some steps inside an 'if'
      added testing2...-any scripts
      Remove pkg from $stagedir if already in FTP repo

François Charette (7):
      db-update: Use proper variable for WORKDIR
      db-update: Add if check before 'any' removal
      db-update: Replace || with -o in if statements
      adjust_permissions: Add 'any' architecture
      check_packages.py: Add 'any' arch support
      convert-to-any: Change description in header
      fixes for ftpdir-cleanup

Henning Garus (2):
      check_packages.py: Allow multiple abs-trees
      Add db comparison to integrity check

Jan de Groot (1):
      Fix misc-scripts/ftpdir-cleanup pathing for /srv

Judd Vinet (65):
      Added script genpkglist
      Updated packages
      Fixed pkglist generator scripts so they aren't hardcoded to use base,opt,contrib package categories anymore
      Added cvs tags to scripts Added pacsync_update to scripts Added ftpmaint to scripts
      added new db generation scripts
      removed old gensyncdb script (used for pacsync) replaced old genpkglist with a new one
      updated paths in db-arch script
      added generalized package list generation so we can use it with unofficial
      Updated to use the /tmp area instead of /usr/abs
      added db-unstable script
      added/updated scripts for the new website
      removed calls to htmlpkglist (no longer needed)
      fixed bugs
      improved arch db scripts
      improved package db handling to delete packages
      removed debug settings
      fixed a little inserting bug
      fixed another insert bug
      category bug
      removed my username
      added locking
      reset needupdate
      fixed a dupe bug
      updated to work with other repos
      updated db generation scripts to use genpkglist
      added Dale's dupe checking
      modifed to work with the new gensync
      renamed db-unofficial to db-extra
      missed a spot
      third times the charm  :/
      trapped SIGINT to cleanly remove lock files
      updates for 0.6
      Dale's fix for a bug in dupe-checking
      changed mysql temp file so one user can run multiple db-gen scripts concurrently
      fixed a temp name bug
      added db-testing
      removed -f switch to cvs export
      added support for all 3 repos
      added support for all 3 repos
      added support for all 3 repos
      package updates now automatically mark todo list items completed
      fixed package deletion with new todolist_pkgs table
      added new pkgdb scripts
      lengthened the pkgdesc string
      enforced line lengths from stdin
      added unsets to fix bad url problems in updates
      updated scripts for new ftp paths, moved over to pkgdb1/pkgdb2
      fixed todolist_pkgs table ref in pkgdb2
      disabled the auto-mark-as-complete for todo lists
      added some sanity checks around the cvs export calls
      added cleanup calls to db- scripts, removed export-failure checks from db-testing, as its allowed for tesitng
      re-arranged /bin/find options to get rid of an annoying warning message
      added packages.txt to all repos
      added filelists to the web package db
      nixed all the redundant code in the db- scripts
      fixed a little bug in db-inc - UID is already present
      run gensync through fakeroot first, so all files are owned by root.root
      re-worked db-gen scripts -- new and improved
      fixed dupe package listings
      l'il fix
      updates for multi-architecture support
      suppress errors in first ls check
      added new pkgdb2 programs
      updated for new arch db schema

Pierre Schmitz (17):
      use pkgext defined in makepkg.conf
      compute compression option from file extension
      fix syntax error
      fix syntax error
      Read meta data from .PKGINFO instead of filename
      remove redefined function
      use pkgbase to get pkgbuild in db-update
      db-scripts: getpkgbase: return pkgbase by default
      Add support for split packages to db-move
      add support for split packages to db-remove
      db-move: reduce usage of loops
      remove support for different svn repos
      remove unused script
      add dry run option to ftpdir-cleanup
      Accept any *.pkg.tar.* package file name
      remove unneeded and now broken check
      Hide 'file not found' message

Scott Horowitz (1):
      Add the check_archlinux.py repo checker

Simo Leone (2):
      Delete binaries from repo
      Added a Makefile

Thomas Bächler (16):
      adjusted scripts for pacman 3 naming scheme, should still work with the old one
      fixed genpkglist
      hopefully fixed filelists in mysql
      new db-testing scripts
      Adding cleanup scripts so they don't get lost:
      Commited cleanup script to db-inc/genpkglist
      Small fix for ftpdir-cleanup
      Commit testing2x script
      Fix EXTRAFILES in ftpdir-cleanup
      Avoid confusing messages and potential problems when no packages are present
      Make ftpdir-cleanup NOT delete all packages if databas extraction fails
      Add DB_COMPRESSION='gz', as this has been removed from makepkg.conf
      Fix a typo introduced in 38c7241ad2528b29a65a0b81b980e76d1046e94e
      create-filelists: add community-testing
      create-filelists: fix another typo
      create-filelists: Add pkgver-pkgrel to directory name

Travis Willard (1):
      Patch check_archlinux.py to work on our current ABS tree.

Xavier Chantry (13):
      Replace check_archlinux.py by check_archlinux/check_packages.py
      check_packages : improve the "skip klibc dep" hack.
      check_packages : add --arch option.
      check_packages: fix stupid assumption on script location.
      integrity-check: fix a few errors
      check_packages : add support for split packages.
      add deplist to hierarchy problems
      add the repo/ info to most results, and sort them
      improve compute_dep algorithm
      parse_pkgbuilds : simple performance tweak
      improve the way parse_pkgbuilds.sh is called
      parse_pkgbuilds.sh : fix pkgbase handling
      check_packages : fix a bug when filling provisions


Official repo DB scripts

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