[arch-projects] [namcap] [PATCH 0/4] Add a rule against common filenames in source() without overridden name

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon May 27 02:45:19 UTC 2019

On 5/26/19 10:35 PM, James Harvey via arch-projects wrote:
> There's no good way for namcap to ensure source() filenames are unique
> across all packages, required for users with SRCDEST.  But, I think by
> far the most common offending filename would be LICENSE, as
> non-standard ones are required to be included, but sometimes there's
> no upstream tarball or there is but it's not in there.  Mostly an
> issue for AUR packages, but maybe there are official ones violating
> this too.
> We can at least check that if common names are in source(), they're
> given an overridden name.  (Personally, I'm going with
> "${pkgname}-LICENSE::", but this patch doesn't force this form.)
> While adding this, split off the recently added non-unique versioned
> source filenames (non-overridden versioned tarballs) from pkginfo
> rules.  This was originally there using PkgInfoRule, but when it was
> switched to PkgbuildRule, it was left in pkginfo.py.
> Also add tests for the recently added non-unique versioned source
> filenames rule.

All your patches show up as attachments, which makes it difficult to
review, and they don't show up in patchwork.

Generally speaking, the most reliable way to send a patch is by using
`git send-email`.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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