[arch-releng] Profiles

Jud jud at judfilm.net
Sun Apr 5 10:24:07 EDT 2009

# A File to Match Conditions for the Automagic Profiles Loader
# Types of Rules/Filters:
# Mac Address, CPU: Architecture, Brand, Model Name, Processers,
Sockets, Speed, Family, Model, Stepping, Flags, 
# Total RAM, Hard Drive Capacity, Video Card Brand, Virtual Machine
# Put Generic Profiles to Bottom, Current Logic Will Use the Complete
First Match

AuthenticAMD x86_64 8GB 1000HD VGA:ATI # Needs all to match

i686 GenuineIntel # Shitbox


AuthenticAMD x86_64 8GB

00:0E:0C:6D:41:CD 2GB
01:EF:AB:74:21:DF x86_64

VBOX i686 0.5GB


[DEFAULT] # If no matches then fallback to default, select which
profile will be chosen

# End of File

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