[arch-releng] dhcpcd vs dhclient (WAS: Re: Additional packages on Live/Install images?)

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Sun Aug 2 08:20:27 EDT 2009

Dieter, it's enough to only reply to the ML, no need to CC me ;-)

Am Sonntag, den 02.08.2009, 14:13 +0200 schrieb Dieter Plaetinck:
> On Sun, 02 Aug 2009 14:01:33 +0200
> Gerhard Brauer <gerbra at archlinux.de> wrote:
> > dhcpcd (in the actual version 5.x) has some problems with crappy routers
> > resp. DHCP-Server on those (the popular FritzBox is often one of them).
> > In this case sometimes a dynamic IP could obtain via dhclient when
> > dhcpcd timed out...
> > 

> So for AIF we should switch to dhclient?

IMHO not. We should not change our tools only to satisfy some crappy
sotware from "outside"....
We should look if we get many reports from users that they have problems
with dhcpcd to obtain a IP via DHCP. If this occurs we could think about
to switch maybe next release to dhclient...

> Dieter


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