[arch-releng] ToDo: 2009.08 Final

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Fri Aug 7 04:20:23 EDT 2009


seems we have (also after the public RC1 test announce) no blockers for
final release of 2009.08.
We planned this latest on 09. August 2009.

To give the mirrors and torrent seeders a chance to relieve our servers,
i plan to build the images tomorrow (Saturday, early on my localtime). I
keep them in /home/archiso/images.
The announce could be made then on Sunday or latest Monday(10. August

What we have to do:
* Write the announcement(draft) for 2009.08 (Dieter, Aaron ?)
* IMHO we should test all images at last if they boot. To speed up this
  we could split this on several people, maybe we split it for testing:
  all i686 ISOs:  Tester = ???
  all x86_64 ISOs: Tester = Gerhard
  all USB-Images: Tester = ???
  If no other testers are available, i try myself to test as many as
* Move the images directly after build (and test) to gerolde so the
  mirror sync could be started. (Aaron ?)
* I also could make the *.torrent files according to the last mailed
  workflow, a admin has to add the hashsums to opentracker whitelist.
  It would help if archiso group member could edit the opentracker
  whitelist file, maybe we add a group opentracker or torrent and add
  %archiso members? (Gerhard ?)
* Also the RC1 hashes have to be removed from opentracker whitelist and
  from public download dir on sigurd. (Gerhard ?)

Minor things:
* Make actual packages of archiso and aif for extra repo according to
  the state we used on this snapshot.


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