[arch-releng] Last ToDos on 2009.08 final

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Sun Aug 9 04:16:52 EDT 2009


current state is:
* Isos/Images are built and working, tested
* Torrents are working and tested (include webseeds)
* The images have started syncing to the mirrors (this process is ugly
  slow and jumbled, there are very few mirrors which currently have all

ToDos for us on the switch 2009.02 -> 2009.08:
* conclude the Announce draft on 2009.08, make it a final and official
* make the announce (today or - from the mirror situation - better
* switch the "latest" symlink in iso dir from 2009.02 to 2009.08, this
  have to be reflect on the mirrors also.
* After announce and symlink switch: control the Download webpage if all
  links, text is now for 2009.08. Special: the "ftp.iso/img" is now
  named "netinstall.iso/img"!!! Also keep an eye on the torrent links.

Have I forgot something?


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